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Rescheduling a flight is now easy and fast on Aero contractors. Passengers can request for a flight change anytime there is a change in their travel plan. Change is constant and a passenger may decide to change his or her travel date, time and route to a favourable date and time or change to another place (destination).

Passengers may also decide to change a flight if the airline (Aero contractors) cancel or delay a flight. Nowadays, Aero contractors can cancel anytime even when passengers are already at the airport. 

The good news is changing a ticket when the airline cancels a ticket is free of charge. You may pay a token to an agent if you want an agent to assist you with the change. You don’t need to border about paying a No-show fee or fare difference. We can do this for you. Just contact us 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp)

Kindly note that changing a ticket is not always free of charge. You will pay a fare difference fee if the seat available is more expensive than what you booked. You will also pay a No-show fee if you missed the flight. You will pay a service charge if you want an agent to assist you with the change. 

To avoid a No-show fee, kindly open the ticket at least 2 hours before the flight time. You can read more about how to open a ticket here. You can contact us to assist you on how to open a ticket.

How to Change Aero contractors Flight. 

Step One

Go to the website

If there is a change in your travel plan and there need to change the date, route and time. The first thing to do is to visit the Aero contractors website and make the necessary changes. 

You will not be able to change the ticket online if the airline cancels the flight. You cannot change if the flight departure time is less than 24 hours. The flight change will not work online if you miss the flight. Rerouting (changing destination) cannot work online too. 

To change your flight if you’re in categories above, you will have to contact the airline or visit the airline office to change the flight. If you cannot contact the airline, kindly Contact us for assistance/enquiry. 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp) we are available 24/7

Step Two

Click Manage Booking

When the website has finished loading, click on Manage Booking. Enter the booking reference (e.g. ABCXYZ) that was sent to you in your email and your last name (Surname).

Click the continue button and wait for the page to load.

Step Three

Select change flight

When the page opens, click on the change flight, it will lead you to a page where you will change your flight. Select the ticket you want to change and click continue.

Step Four

Change flight

When it the page open, it will take you to a new page where you will enter your new travel time and date.

If you did not see where to click or change the flight, that means you cannot change your flight online. Kindly Contact us for assistance/enquiry. 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp)

Step Four

Select the new flight.

When the new travel time and date display, select the time and date you want and click continue.

Step six

Pay fare difference or Change for free.

This stage is important, I would advise you to pay attention. After selection the date and time and click the continue button. Two things will happen, its either you pay the fare difference or you change for free.

Fare difference means the price between the new ticket and the old ticket. Click on continue and pay the difference. 

Step seven

Confirm Booking.

If there is a need to pay, pay the difference and if it is free, go ahead and confirm your booking.

Here are a few things to note

  1. The PNR will remain the same after rescheduling/rebooking.
  2. Your ticket will be sent to the email address you provided.
  3. Make sure you have your payment card (Visa, Verve, Mastercard etc.) ready to pay fare difference.
  4. You can reschedule at least 24 hours before departure.
  5. If you miss the flight, the ticket will still be valid for use at your convince but within the year. For you to use the ticket, you will pay a no-show fee and your ticket will be reactivated.

How did you handle your rebooking? If you encounter any challenge or you need our assistance, you can contact us anytime or any day. You can email us at mysagetravels@gmail.com or call/WhatsApp 08135146188 or 08167650848

Captain Ado Sanusi Aero Contractors Managing Director on Wednesday told Channels TV the incident that led to the smoke in the Tuesday evening flight from Port Harcourt International airport to Lagos. The smoke started in the cargo section of the aircraft and got into the cabin through the air-conditioning system.

However, the pilot flew the plane and landed safely.

Recall that yesterday a female twitter user ORIAKU (OKWESILIEZE) tweeted about the incident as she also thank God for a safe landing.

โ€œEveryone on this Aero Contractor flight could have died today but for God. Iโ€™m grateful. Nigerian airports need new directors/ flights.
โ€œGod knows I said it that this plane was too old to be functioning in Nigeria before I boarded. At the clinic now getting checked onโ€

She also said there was no apology or explanation from the management to the passengers. Though, she stated that officials of the Fire Service Emergency Unit were already waiting on the runway as the plane eventually landed safely in Lagos.

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