There is a difference between domestic and international travel. Domestic travel is a trip within one’s country (example travel within Nigeria – Lagos to Abuja) while international travel is a kind of travel from one country to another (example, travel from Nigeria to another country – Nigeria to Dubai, London. American)  The way you pack or the kind of things you need before embarking on an international travel may not be necessary when it comes to domestic travels.

International travel or trip requires adequate preparation and readiness because most times some of the things that happened during an international trip are out of travellers control. Prevention they say is better than cure. Before embarking on an international trip, these are the 5 essential things you need to do.

Passport – Pixabay

Back Up Your Documents

Immediately I graduated from college, I made a copy of all my credential for two main reasons. First for safety in case of lost, stolen or misplaced. Secondly, for easy access in case, I am away from home and I need to have access to my credentials.

As an international traveller, the best thing to do is to make a photocopy of all your important documents and passport. The copy of your original credential will play a vital role if the original is stolen, lost or misplaced. You can use the copy as a proof to get another original copy.

Check Your Credit/Debit Card

If there is anything you need to do before embarking on international travel, it must be checking your credit/debit card to ensure the will work in the country you are visiting. To avoid getting stranded in your destination, the best thing to do is to visit your bank and find out if your card would work in your destination country. Let your bank advise you on what to do to ensure your card work effectively.

Also, find out from them the maximum amount you can withdraw in a day. That is the maximum withdrawal limit.

Dollar – Pixabay

Exchange Your Currency

This is another important thing to do before going on an international trip. Visit any bank most preferably your bank to exchange your currency to the local currency of your destination country. But sometimes banks do not sell local currency. It would be advisable you use bureau de change. The reason why you need to hold some cash is because some places do not accept credit or debit card so the only way to avoid getting stranded is to pay cash. How would you pay cash if you don’t have local currency?

Get Your Gadgets Ready

I narrated a story when I wrote 7 Indispensable Items Most Travellers Often Forget To Pack When Packing. You need an adapter. It is very important because some sockets may not be compactable with your device plug and the only way to save yourself the stress of looking for a compactable socket is by getting your own adapter.

This article is about what to do before a trip. Before you travel, get all your gadgets ready. If you don’t have charger buy one. If you don’t have adapter buy it. If your battery is not strong, buy another one as back up. I would recommend you buy power bank because you don’t know the power situation in your visiting country.

Pack wisely

Pack Wisely

Packing is just another monster. The way you pack will go a long way to determine how comfortable you would be when travelling. If you don’t park wisely, you may end up paying extra baggage allowance because you exceeded the baggage limit. You can reach out to your friends or family to help you and pack if you don’t know how to pack.

An international charity organization called Rotary club will always say it’s a small world after all. Saint Augustine said and I quote “The world is like a book and those who don’t travel only read a few pages” looking at how Saint Augustine describe this world, you will find out that those that does not travel are stagnant and have limited access to some vital things about this life.

Sagetravels your NO 1 travel partner will be reviewing some of the reasons that will urge you to travel at least once to a foreign land before you die.

Why You Should Travel Abroad Before You Die

Repeating the same thing over and over could make you boring and dull. Imagine doing a particular job, staying in one particular house and doing the same daily routine could actually make you dull and monotonous. Taking a trip outside your usual environment is the best way to take a break. It will get you refreshed and ready for new challenge.

Discover Yourself

By the time you travel to a new place, where you will meet new people speaking a different language with different culture. You will be surrounded by new opportunity and challenges. When you’re in a destination that is different from your normal place of resident, you will discover the really you. You will begin to see things you could do in your new place.

Education Purpose

There is a big different between class work and field trip. There no way you can have a better understanding of how river Niger and river Benue in Nigeria met without visiting the destination and see everything with your own eyes. Taking a trip to a foreign land will give you a better understanding of their culture, politic, economy, history, tourist attractions etc. seeing is believing so when you visit a foreign land you will know better than what textbooks will tell you.

Why You Should Travel Abroad Before You Die
Nkwobi Enugu
 Taste New Food

Have you tested Italian food from Italy?, Egusi soup from the Igbos in Nigeria, Chinese food. In fact, have you ever tested any food outside your comfort zone? C’mon you need to travel and test other people’s food and see how good they are. If you are a gastronomist, why not travel around and test good food.

 You Don’t Need To Spend Much

You don’t need to break the bank before you can travel around the world. Staying in a luxury hotel or restaurant may not be necessary. But if you can afford it no problem but if you can’t cut your coat. Off-seasons are usually less expensive you can travel during those periods. Look for a discount in air fares, book early and get a cheaper rate. Instead of hiring a car, use public transport.

Great Memories

Especially if this is your first time of traveling abroad, you will never forget anything from purchasing your ticket to boarding a flight to departure to landing at new destination. All the adventures, the hotel, the food you tested and the places you visited would be well documented in your memory and you can share it with your family and friends, children and grandchildren. If you did not travel you will have nothing to share. Don’t forget to take pictures too.

Why You Should Travel Abroad Before You Die
Smartphone and Sim
You cannot be discounted (Get International Sim)

Traveling abroad will not disconnect you from your loved ones at home. So there is nothing to worry about. Get an international sim card. Some travel agency is now giving international sim card that will enable you to stay connected. If the call rate is high, you can chat them on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook or any other social network.

Remember, seeing is believing. Don’t be stagnant water. Travel Today

Which country have you been to?

Detailed planning is required for all kinds of international travels. You need to be organized when arranging your luggage and travel documents. Everything needs to be handled professionally as a little mistake may mar your trip. There are some things that need to be properly handled and in return, you will have a pleasant happy trip abroad. 

Below are the 8 things that can make your trip international trip great if cautiously followed. 

1.    Research 

A thorough research about your destination is needed. A research will give you a good understanding of the destination you are visiting. A research will give you a better aware of the destination in term of their history, culture, lifestyle, local currency exchange rate, language, modes of transportations, where to stay, the nearest bus stop, the different types of activities etc. This will help you to have a remarkable time there. 

2.    Arrange Your Essential Documents

International travel requires a lot of documents that need to be signed and stamped before traveling. Such documents required include travel insurance, visa, yellow card (Medical report), passports and other essential documents. Ensure that all the documents are organized and up to date. Also, make sure they are signed and stamped by the proper authority. 

3.    Stay Healthy

Pay a very good attention to your health. Staying healthy is not all about not feeling weak or ill. There are some hidden illnesses in our body that manifest gradually and you may not notice it until they have eaten deep inside your body. Before you embark on a journey make sure you do a proper medical check-up to know your health status. Don’t travel unless your doctor declares you fit to travel.

4.    Confirm Your Airline Ticket and Hotel Accommodation

These two things are very important and should not be overlooked. For your ticket, go to the airline website to confirm if your ticket is valid and note the time of departure. For the accommodation, contact the hotel and let them know that you’re still coming. You can also deposit half of the money to guarantee your reservation. Keep the confirmation letters in your carry-on bag where you can easily access them. 

Packing for abroad trip
Packing for abroad trip
5.    Baggage 

All the airlines have they own baggage policy and the amount they charge for excess baggage. It is advisable you read the baggage policy to know the things that you are allowed to carry. Avoid exceeding the baggage allowed else you will pay for excess baggage. You need to learn the art of parking light. Pack only the necessities.

6.     Budget

An international travel requires a lot of money. The only way to spend wisely is by making your budget. When making your budget, list only the necessities and top priorities. Budget is very important because it will help to regulate your expenditure so that you don’t waste your money on an unnecessary item or things that are not relevant. Also, make sure your credit and debits cards are active and in good condition. 

Mobile Map
Mobile Map
7.    You Need a Map

A map is a very important travel tool especially when you are traveling to a new destination, the map will serve as a guide. It will direct you to different locations. Nowadays, you don’t necessarily need to carry big Atlas or paper map. Almost all the smartphones have an inbuilt map. If you don’t have on your phone you can download online.

8.    Currency Exchange Rate

Exchange rates fluctuate. There are not fixed like food items. The price can change anytime and any moment. In other to be on the safer side, make sure you know the current exchange rate of your destination before traveling. Check the exchange rate again before departing.

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