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Solo Travel: The Benefits of Travelling Alone

Many people call me loner because; most a times I am always alone. I think the first time I travelled solo was when I was 15 years old to port-Harcourt, Nigeria. Then I was young and fearless Lolz. Now, that I am older, I have been travelling solo. I enjoy almost all the trips I embarked alone. Travelling alone has helped to expand my knowledge and experience. To be frank, the benefits of travelling alone outweigh the disadvantages. I would advise you to travel at least once in your lifetime. Just in case you want to travel alone, these are some of the points or reasons that will boost your morale.


Travelling alone gives you the freedom to do whatever thing you want to do. When you are alone, you will discover how creative you are. Being alone helps to rediscover oneself. There are some things you may be thinking you cannot do but when you are alone, you will discover that you can do more than you can ever imagine.


Travelling alone will establish the real you. Imagine you found yourself in the middle of a big city, where you have never been before. You will be faced with a lot of things like fear and decision making. You would be thinking about how to overcome the fear and in a situation like this, what’s the right decision to take. When you are alone, all the above questions would be answered. There will be no one to suggest anything for you, so can only rely on yourself.

Build Your confidence

Travelling alone helps to build your confidence. Travelling alone will boost your confidence and encourage you to take any bold steps towards any obstacles. Nothing is more challenging than been in a big city all alone. Believe me, after the trip, you will have the courage to face anything. You will get to trust and rely on yourself. You will learn how to make decisions that matter in your life.

Solo Travel: The Benefits of Travelling Alone
Solo Traveler
Less expensive

Travelling alone is less expensive compared to when you travel in a group. You plan your budget anyhow you want. You decide on what to spend your money on, what to eat and when to eat. As a solo traveller, it is very easy to stick to your budget.

Trip is easy to plan

When you travel alone, everything pertaining to planning is easy from flight booking (If there is a need), booking hotel accommodation, activities, and other things are easy to handle. Because you don’t have anybody to think of, everything is smooth and straightforward.

Easy to manage trip

You are the trip planner and also the master controller of your itinerary. You decide on the route to follow, the activities to engage. You may decide to add or remove something from your itinerary without consulting anyone. This can only be possible when you are alone. Your plan remains flexible. You will not offend anyone in case of any change.

Make new friends

It is always easy to interact with people when you travel alone. Local people always like to interact with strangers (solo travellers). Making new friends is as easy as anything as long as you’re alone. Another advantage is, new friends have new things to offer. Utilise the every available opportunity as a solo traveller to learn new things like language and taste the local delicacy.

Learn new things

As a solo traveller, it is very easy to learn new things, especially through demonstrative effect. You will learn a new culture, language and habit. When you are alone the possibility of mixing and interacting with local people is high.


An experience they say is the best teacher. The best way to reflect on your experience as a traveller is when you travel alone. You can easily reflect on the things you did. The bold steps you took from the beginning of the trip. The people you met, the challenges you faced and how you conquered it. The whole experience will be awesome because all the places you visited and all the activities you engaged you chosed them yourself.

You become a better traveller

I think I am now a solo traveller pro lolz. Yea! There is no place anywhere that I won’t go alone. I started travelling alone at 15. The more you travel alone, the more you learn and build your confidence. Even if you find yourself in a new environment, your past experience will help you.

I enjoy travelling alone, and each time I travel, I learn new things and as well make you friends. I would advise you to start preparing your bag to embark on your first solo trip.

Don’t forget to send your solo travel experience to inyaamadi@gmail.com for us to publish. Safe Journey my dear readers.

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