Nine (9) Simple Steps On How To Check In At The Airport After Booking

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What is Check-In?

This is the process of assigning seats to passengers. During this process, the passenger has the right to select a particular seat he/she wants to sit on the plane. The passenger may also decide to upgrade class of service and add a frequent flyer number during check-in period. It is mandatory for all the passengers to check-in before departure. It could be between 2 to 4 hours or a day before departure. Though, the check-in time varies from airline to airline or destination to destination. Check-in can be handled by the airline staff over the counter at the airport or via telephone or by a travel agent. Simple Steps On How To Check In At The Airport After Booking

If it is your first time of flying, I want you to bear one thing in mind and that is Stress. Though, a practice they say makes perfect. For the first time, I want you to know that it’s going to be a stressful experience. But don’t get it twisted because Sagetravels will be dropping 9 simple steps on how you can check-in with easy.

Simple Steps On How To Check In At The Airport After Booking
check-in at the airport

Recheck Your Booking

Normally after booking either directly from the airline or travel agent, a confirmation mail will be sent to you via email or you will get a hard copy. This confirmation email will contain a reference code called PNR (passenger name record). This PNR is what you will use to confirm the authenticity of your ticket on the airline website.

So, a day before your departure uses the PNR to recheck via the airline website if the flight will be departing as scheduled. If there is any change, adjust to the change and also ensure you keep checking the status of your flight before departure.

Arrange Your Travel Documents

There are two important things that will guarantee you access inside the plane. First is your travel documents (Passport, Visa, ID Card etc.) and the second one is your flight ticket. It’s advisable you arrange them a day before your departure date and also keep them handy.

Arrive early at the airport

Since this is your first time, it is advisable you go to the airport early enough so that you can settle some things before departure. If you’re travelling with children go early. If you are driving go early so that you will find a parking space.

Locate Your Airline Counter

Airports are divided into two main sections called terminal. We have the departure terminal and the arrival terminal. Since you are departing you have to go to the departure terminal and locate your airline counter. Another thing is, at some airports, there is a domestic wing (Travelling within the country) and international wing (Travelling outside the country). If you are travelling within the country go to the domestic wing, but if it is outside the country go to the international wing.

Baggage Check

Every airline allows passengers to carry two bags and a carry-on bag but there is always a limited weight (kg) allowed. The weight and size depend on the class of service, for instance, first class is 40kg, business class is 30kg and the economy class is 20kg. Contact your airline to know the Kg they allow for your class of service. If you over pack, you will be charged for the additional weight (Kg) so pack right.

Time for Boarding Pass

After the baggage checks the next thing is to print your boarding pass. This will give you access to board the plane and to enter the restricted sections at the airport. The boarding pass contains the passenger’s name, date of departure and time. It can be printed online (electronically) using your credit card or manually at the airport. All you need to do is to present any means of identification like a credit card to print your boarding pass.

Security Checks

The security check is necessary to ensure maximum security at the airport and the plane. When you enter the airport you will see a roll-up banner displaying some of the restricted items. Make sure none of the restricted items are found in your bags or your pocket. Remove your shoes, jacket and any metallic jewelry. Follow all the security checks properly.

Find Your Plane

Recheck your boarding pass to see where your plane will be departing from. Find your way to the place immediately. You can ask any of the airport staff to assist you in case if you don’t know the direction.

Wait For Your Plane

Find a seat and sit down as soon as you locate the place where your plane will be departing from. Make sure you’re within the place in case of any announcement. You can buy some foods and drinks for yourself because some airlines are not serving meal again.

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