Shopping Tips For Travellers During Festive Period

Festive Periods

Festive period is a time for merriment and celebration. People are away eager to celebrate any form of festival like Christmas, New Year, and so on. Celebrating any festival can be stressful and expensive as a lot of money will be required to organize the festival. Despite the fact that it is expensive to organize a festival there are other ways to overcome spending too much money during festive periods. I am going to drop just five (4) tips that can help you get the best and spend less during festive periods. So as a traveler whenever you visit a new destination during a festive period let this step guide you.

Merry Chrismas


The earlier you start shopping the better. You don’t have to wait till the day the festival will start before you start shopping. You can start by buying little things little by little before you know it you’re done. One of the advantages of shopping early is that it helps to keep proper financial record and you can get the best and cheapest price available.


Shopping online is not a new phenomenon. It has come to stay. Many travelers all over the world have embraced online shopping. It saves stress, times and the cost of transporting yourself to the market. Sometimes it is cheaper when you buy online. A friend of mine bought Infinix Hot 4 cheaper than the price in the market.


Planning is very essential as far as shopping is concerned. There are some things that are desirable, but not affordable. So, it is advisable you plan your budget because it will guide you on how to spend your money especially when you have a limited income. You can actually plan your budget by making a list of all the things you need to use a scale of preference. Set your spending limit.


During Christmas, for instance, there is always a discounted sale for almost every store. Most items are heavily discounted. You see something like 50% OFF Sales etc. for example, when you come to Lagos island market, you will see people ringing bells calling customers to come. Apart from going for discounted sales, you can also bargain with the seller to get a good deal. You can actually negotiate for some commodities, it helps.

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