Seven (7) Things To Do In Order To Sleep Comfortably In A Hotel Or A New Place

Sleep Hotel

One thing is certain, No Tourist travels with his/her home. The need for decent and comfortable accommodation cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, there is a need for accommodation. Not just accommodation but a good hotel where one can relax and have a good sleep.

It is a joyful thing to travel but one of the painful things is not getting a good hotel where you can sleep comfortably. It can be difficult to get a very good night rest in new place or hotel. I observed one thing recently; when I travel to a new place I find it difficult to sleep especially the first night. If you are among those that can wake up anytime and that will be the end of sleeping that day, relax because Sagetravels have you covered with nice tips on how to sleep comfortably in a hotel or new places.

Do Not Disturb

Reorganise Your Room

You can reorganise your hotel room and make it look like your homeroom. You can bring your own bed sheets to cover yourself and the bed. If possible come with your pillow. Hang a picture of your family or your loved ones on the wall. Before booking ask the receptionist to give you bed or mattress that is the same size as the one you have at home. Spread your room with your favourite perfume. The smell alone can make you comfortable.

Request For A Particular Room

All the rooms in a hotel are not the same. Some are better than the other, either by size or location. When you are booking a hotel room ask for a quiet room. The receptionist or the concierge officer attending to you should have a good knowledge of all the rooms in the hotel so he/she can be able to recommend a particular room. If you want to sleep comfortable avoid rooms in the following areas:

  • Avoid rooms close to the exits
  • Avoid rooms close to the pool
  • Avoid rooms close to the Bar/Restaurant
  • Avoid Rooms Close to the banquet hall
  • Avoid rooms close to the dustbin/trash bin
  • Avoid rooms close to the powerhouse where the generator is located

Mind What You eat

It is advisable you mind what you eat before you sleep. You can eat any kind of heavy meal during launch time but ones its bed time please try to eat a light meal like snacks, tea etc. light meal will help your stomach to settle when you are sleeping. Heavy foods can cause a sleepless night. Kindly avoid them.

Allow Ventilation

I observed one thing when I lodged in a hotel, as soon as I open the door there is this kind odour that usually comes out of the room. Sometimes the room can be stuffy and this can make you uncomfortable at night when you are sleeping. Immediately you enter a hotel room, open the windows to allow some fresh air to enter and circulate the room.

Use Your sleeping Aid

There are different ways and different things people do use or do to sleep. Some of them are; listening to cool music: When I visited my friend I observed that he always play cool jams during bed time and according to him that makes him sleep better. Another one is taking drugs; some people cannot sleep without taking sleeping drugs. Don’t forget your sleeping tablet when it’s bedtime. Avoid caffeine for at least 6 hours before Bed-Time because this can make it difficult for one to sleep.

Bed-Time Routine

Before you sleep, if there are some certain things you do before sleeping do it. For instance, if you love reading, taking your bath, watching television, playing music, read your Bible etc. Try and do them before you sleep.


Request for Do-Not-Disturb sign, hang it in front of your hotel room. This will pass a message to others that you’re sleeping and you don’t want anybody to disturb your sleep. You may decide to turn off your phone to avoid calls and other distraction.

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