See The Reasons Why She Don’t Want To Travel With You

Statistics has proved over time that, travelling is one of the panaceas that have helped to keep couples together. In other word, couples that travel together stay together. Apart from staying together, there are other things travel brings to a relationship. Travelling adds a romantic flavour to a relationship.

Travelling together as a couple is not just for fun. It’s necessary because it brings couples together and makes them strong. The advantages of travelling together are endless. Despite the fact the advantages are many; some couples still turn down any opportunity of travelling together with their hubby. Below are the top reasons why she doesn’t want to travel with you.

See The Reasons Why She Don’t Want To Travel With You
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Inadequate Planning

Like as I said in my previous articles, everything you do requires planning. It’s either your plan turn out successful or you plan to flop (fail). Show your partner itinerary, explain all the routes, stopovers, modes of transportation, where to stay, what to do, activities etc. Both of you should agree on a particular date and time that would be convenient to travel. Pick fascinating destinations. Make sure everything is well planned before you leave.

You Are Not Romantic

Couples need to understand what romantic is all about. It’s not all about money and expensive gifts or places but “State of Mind”. Maybe your partner has weighed you and found out that you are not romantic. So, travelling with you is just like going to one boring show. Showering her gifts will not make you look romantic. It is time you start showing your partner how romantic you are.


Phobia is another good reason she doesn’t want to travel with you. It could be flight phobia, water phobia, etc. I have a friend that said she will never go to Tanzania underwater hotel. She has this phobia in her. How do you think you can convince that such person to travel with you? When choosing destinations, you should carry your partner along. Agree on a particular destination.

See The Reasons Why She Don’t Want To Travel With You
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When Where Is A Problem

Travelling can have a positive or negative effect on your relationship. If you have a problem in your relationship, travelling can either bring both of you closer or separate you. As a couple that has a problem, travelling together can help resolve the problem because there is no way you could hide the problems.

Repetition (No new adventure)

It is a natural thing, the more you do or repeat a particular thing over and over, you will become bored. She doesn’t want to travel with you because you are not creative. You took her to the same destination, ate the same food, and participated in the same activities and you are wondering why she doesn’t want travel with you.

If you want your partner to travel with you, be creative, seek new adventure and you also need to compromise. You need to do something you have never done before. Not seeking new adventure has implications, it will make partner uninterested and you have no option than to rush through things at the destination. Of cause, you won’t have much experience and the trip won’t be enjoyable.

No love

Love conquers all. Travelling brings couples together. It helps to make their love stronger. If your partner does not love you, she can never travel with you. If there is no love, you will waste your time and money organising a trip because she will not travel with you.

No Money


Money is the basis of all. You cannot travel without money. Either luxury or budgeted travels need money. There is no need planning for a trip when there is no money. Your partner will never travel with you if you don’t have money.
Have you ever travelled together with your partner? How was the experience? Can you please use the comment box to share your experience? Do you want to travel with your spouse but you don’t know how to organise a trip, Kindly use the comment box to tell us your challenges. We are ready to help you.

Thank you for reading.

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