See The Number Of Days Science Recommended You Should Spend On A Vacation – You Have Never Heard Of It

In my series of research, I have found out that the maximum number of days people spend on vacation or some companies can recommend for workers to embark on a holiday or vacation is just 7 days (a week). According to a research by Happiness Studies, a minimum of 8 days is need or require for a vacation.

The research shows that 8 days is required to discharge, unpack, settle in, unplug, reduce stress and relax. Within these 8 days, you will have a better and longer sleep which will result to wellness and help you maximize productivity.

This is the bad news you would not like to hear. According to the research, it will only take a minimum of 7 days for your body to return back to the starting point (Baseline) after just your vacation.

Do you go on vacation? How many days do you spend on your vacation? Next time you want to go on a vacation and your boss refuses to give you a minimum of 8 days, show him this report? Thank me later.

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