See How to Find Low Fare Domestic Flights in Nigeria During Festive Periods

There are different festive periods (Christmas, New Year, Easter, Eid Al Fitri, Eid Al Kabir etc.) that are celebrated in Nigeria. The Easter period is around the corner, a lot of people are already surfing the internet to see how to find low fare domestic flights in Nigeria during festive periods. I decided to write this article because I heard a lot of people complaining that they cannot find low-fare flights in Nigeria especially during Easter, Christmas, Eid Al Fitri and Eid Al Kabir celebrations. I agree with them because, during festive periods, a lot of people travel to their hometown to celebrate. Another reason it is difficult to find flights ticket is because most flights are filled.

However, there are ways and tricks you can apply to get a flight ticket during festive periods. Not just anyhow ticket but a cheap and affordable ticket.

Change Your Flight

All the airports in Nigeria have different rates so also the number of visitors. Lagos and Abuja have the highest number of visitors. Domestic airlines in Nigeria take advantage of this fact and escalate their rates. Flights from Lagos and Abuja are expensive during festive periods. However, you can save money by changing your flight. All the domestic airlines in Nigeria have different fares for a particular destination. Instead of using Dana Air from Abuja to Portharcourt you can use Air peace or any other one that could be cheaper.

Consider Other Airports

Like as I said earlier that different airports have different rates. If there are other airports close to your origin or your destination you can consider them too. You may likely get a better deal when you use some of the minor airports in Nigeria instead of the major airports. For instance, you can use Minna Airport, Niger State instead of Abuja Airport.

Book Early

It has been proven over time that booking early can guarantee a better deal. Easter period is usually between March and April while Christmas and New Year is between December and January every year. A lot of people travel for the celebration and the wise ones booking early. You too can book as early as possible to get a better deal. To all the workers, you can book early while your holiday application is pending. It is advisable you book refundable tickets. Refundable tickets are good if cancellation. Don’t wait until it is too late book now unless if you are ready to buy a ticket at any rate.

Monitor Ticket Prices

Another means of getting a cheaper fare if you were unable to book early is by monitoring ticket prices. Even if you don’t want to book early you can get a better deal by observing tickets prices. One of the major means of monitoring ticket prices is my subscribing to different airlines or agents notifications either via email or text message. Many airlines or agents usually send messages when a promo or prices drop. Sometimes it could be a coupon code that you would use to unlock cheaper and better fares.

Visit your favourite airline or agent to subscribe today. It’s free of charge. It can save you a lot of money.

If you have a proper plan, travelling during festive period in Nigeria would not be a problem. You can cancel your ticket, so don’t wait till last minute to start making an arrangement.

How do you get cheap tickets? Do you have any question? Use the comment box.

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