Reasons Why You Should Travel By Train In Nigeria

The Nigerian government both past and present are really working tirelessly to ensure that they revived the dilapidated railway system. The past administration led by Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan tried their best to revive the Nigeria railway terminals and upgrade it to a world-class standard. Example the Abuja to Kaduna route. The Abuja to Kaduna train is now working perfectly with two times daily train services and world-class terminals both in Abuja and Kaduna.

The train is one of the modes of transportations that is not so popular in Nigeria today. Although, Nigerians have been travelling by rail but due to mismanagement and lack of maintenance, the railway shutdown. Today, there is a plan to expand the railway to all the states in Nigeria.

We at will be looking at the reasons why Nigerians should travel by train more often.

Reasons Why You Should Travel By Train In Nigeria
Idu Train Station Abuja


Apart from the air transportation, another safest mode of transportation is the rail. When you look at the statistic of accidents in a year, the train always has the lowest percentage. The case of accident by rail is very rare and uncommon. The train was designed in such a way that it is not prone to accident. With adequate maintenance and on-time services, the train can go from year to year with an accident.

Reasons Why You Should Travel By Train In Nigeria
Inside Abuja – Kaduna Train


There is nothing to be afraid of because the train is adequately secured. When I used the Abuja to Kaduna train, I noticed that from coach to coach, there is always a security person on guard. The train is always secured just like the aeroplane. This does not mean passengers should not be conscious of their belongings. It is advisable for passengers to package their bags very well in order for them to watch over it. If you want to put your luggage in the overhead bin, it is advisable you put it in the opposite direction where you can watch over it.

Cheap and Affordable

The railway provides the cheapest means of transportation. I have never seen any mode of transportation that is safe, fast, comfortable, cheap and affordable like the train. For instance, travelling from Abuja to Kaduna by road would cost you almost #2,500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira) whereas travelling by train would cost you just #1,050 (One Thousand Fifty Naira) on economy class while the executive is just #1,500 (One Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only). I believe you can see the big merging between travelling by road and by rail.

Reasons Why You Should Travel By Train In Nigeria
Front View of Idu, Abuja Train Station


Apart from the aeroplane, another fastest means of transportation is the train. There are different types of trains such as Electric train, Bullet train, Steam locomotive etc. The speed at which the train moves cannot be compared to some cars. Travelling by train is fast, safe and reliable.


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Travelling by train would give you that peace of mind you desire. I travelled by train on several occasions and I can categorically tell that travelling by train is one thing I would like you to try this year. When you are onboard the train, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. There are no potholes on the rail, no traffic congestion, no unauthorised stopping and for those passengers that like peeing, the train have got them covered with onboard toilet. Even if you are travelling overnight, your mind will be at rest because they will be no armed robbery attack or any security threat issues.
There are always security personals on-board the train to ensure the safety of passengers. In the case of an emergency, there are nurses and doctors on-board to take care of patients.

Reasons Why You Should Travel By Train In Nigeria
Amadi Inya Inside Abuja – Kaduna Train


An experience they say is the best teacher. Travelling by train is another mode of transportation one needs to experience at least once in a lifetime. You will learn lots of things when you travel by train and you will also experience so many things onboard and at the terminal.
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