Public Holiday: Abuja – Kaduna Will Operate On Sallah Day

The Abuja – Kaduna train will operate during the public holiday declared by the Nigerian government to celebrate the Id el Kabir (Feast of Sacrifice). can confirm that the train will operate during the public holiday – Tuesday and Wednesday but not at full capacity. 

The Tuesday train services that were supposed to be four trains will now be three trains. The Wednesday train that is supposed to be two trains will get an additional one train service.

From the information published by the Nigeria Railway Corporation, there will be a train from Abuja to Kaduna by 12:20 pm while the Kaduna to Abuja will be at 15:55 (3:55 pm). 

According to the corporation, the train added is to make travel easy and less stressful for as many that will travel during the National Holiday.

Dear Passengers, During the holiday period, NRC will increase daily trips to 10 along the Abuja – Kaduna route to ease travel. A third train will depart Idu (Abuja) by 12.20 pm and depart Rigasa (Kaduna) by 3.55 pm daily. We wish you happy holidays.

The Cost Of the Train Ticket

From our observation, the prices of the train tickets remain the same. The standard and business class coaches are still available. 

The Train Schedule (Timetable)

There is a slit change in the train time. Below are the departure times from Abuja to Kaduna

Abuja (IDU)Kaduna (RIGASA)1st Train2nd Train3rd Train
TIME7 am12:20 pm6 pm
Abuja (KUBWA)Kaduna (RIGASA) 
TIME07: 17 am12: 376: 15 pm

Below are the departure times from Kaduna to Abuja

Kaduna (RIGASA)Abuja (IDU) And Abuja (KUBWA)1st Train2nd Train3rd Train
TIME06: 403: 55 pm6 pm

How To Book

There is no need to go to the train station to book since everything can be done online. To book the train, follow the steps I outlined here.

We are available to help you with train booking. Feel free to contact us to book a train for you – 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp). We are available 24/7

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