This Picture About Nigeria Airways Will Make You Cry

Indeed there was a country called the giant of Africa. This is certainly unbelievable. The first time I saw this picture I thought I was dreaming but lo and behold it was real. Did I say this Picture about Nigeria Airways will make you cry?

Post Nigeria Airways

Yes! It will surely make you cry. Can you imagine, 44 years ago, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates all indicated interest to learn how Nigeria turned the Nigeria Airways into an intercontinental national carrier with 1,500 destinations across the world, generating N150 Billion naira profit yearly and providing jobs directly for 10,000 Nigerians. Now let me ask you. Are we moving forward or backward?

On the 20th of June 2017, Skytrax announced the world’s top 100 airlines in 2017 at the world airline awards held at Paris Air Show. Ethiopia airline was ranked 48 (First in Africa), South Africa Airways 49 (second in Africa) and Kenya Airways was ranked 91. And recall that the 3 African airlines that wanted to learn from Nigeria 44 years ago are now among the top 100 airlines in 2017.

Top 100 Airlines in 2017

Now let me ask you again. Where is Nigeria Airways? With all the riches and abundance of natural resources, Nigeria cannot boast of one national airline despite the fact that there are about 10 aircraft in its presidential fleet.

Well, Sage Travels your travel partner can only hope and pray for Nigeria.

Photo credit: Justin Kingland

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