Photo Of The Day: Zuma Rock, Niger State

There are rocks and there is a rock. Zuma rock is a rock with a difference. the only rock that has a place in the Nigeria currency.

Zuma Rock is different from other rocks due to the story, size and location. It will be impossible to miss this rock when you’re coming to Abuja through Zuba or Niger state.

There are some places you will stay in Abuja and you will have a clear view of the rock.

Photo Of The Day: Zuma Rock, Niger State
Photo Of The Day: Zuma Rock, Niger State

Quick Facts

  • Zuma Rock is in Niger State, not Abuja. Where Zuma rock is standing belongs to Niger state, not Abuja as many people claim.
  • Zuma Rock is 725 meters (2,379 ft) above sea level.
  • Zuma Rock is a large natural monolith, an igneous intrusion composed of gabbro and grandiosity.
  • Zuma Rock is along Abuja to Kaduna road off Mandala.
  • Zuma Rock is also known as the “Gateway to Abuja from Suleja”.
  • The rock catches fire during the rainy season. Some believe the gods are responsible for the fire.
  • It served as a hideout against external forces in the olden days. When enemies attack, the early settlers use the rock as a refuge.
  • It protects against a disastrous outburst.
  • Zuma Rock features Nigeria’s 100 Naira currency banknote.
  • Zuma Rock has facial features (natural contours) on it. If you look very well, you will see a human face on it.
  • Some claim that the gods within the rock do not allow development around the road. There is an abandoned hotel project around the rock.
  • There is a hotel called Zuma Rock Hotel around the rock.

Photo Credit: Fatima Amusa
IG: @3.29X

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