Nigerians Praise Ibom Air On-Time Flight Departure

Nigerians on Twitter are full of praise to the state-owned airline, Ibom Air over their on-time flight departure. Honestly, since Ibom Air started flight operations on June 7 2019, they have over 90% on-time departure rating.

That is incredible in a country where domestic airlines cancel and delay flights at will. After booking a flight for a passenger (mostly frequent travellers), they will ask you if your sure the airline will depart at that stated time. Of course, they are used to flight delays and cancellations or may be transferred to another airline after several delays.

Ibom Air said
We are determined to keep delivering world-class performance in schedule reliability, on-time departures and service excellence.

What more do you want to hear before you book that Ibom Air flight? I am not a praise singer but this is one airline that I book for passengers and I will warn them to be at the airport very early.

So far this year, Ibom air is doing pretty well when it comes to on-time departure. In January, out of 694 flights, 650 flights departed on time while 44 departed later than 15 after the scheduled departure time.

In February, out of 632 flights, 594 flights departed on time while 38 departed later than 15 after the scheduled departure time. In January and February Ibom air had 94% on-time flight departure.

This number is far above average. Ibom Air is retelling the Nigeria domestic flights stories.

Here are at other passengers are saying concerning Ibom Air.

Intl. BadMan @life_of_emykriz

Ibom air is still the best Airline in Nigeria. Always sticking to time, and they treat the passengers nicely. Kudos

Your Fav Online Guy @iamjosephetim

The first time I used Ibom Air, I almost missed my flight, I thought I went too early, only to realize the flight was onboarding passengers, about 15 minutes before scheduled flight time. Smooth flight, lovely flight attendants and a take home pack

Yusuf Adebanjo @yusufzone

For last year ratings, IBOM AIR stood out ahead of others in the areas of on time departures, flight delays and cancellations. They were miles ahead of others in every parameter of performance, so many aren’t aware of this. Excellence will always sell itself. Always fly smart!

AJ @AJ_Etim

Ibom Air takes off 10 mins before the actual departure time. Twice last year, I almost missed my flight, even when I assumed, I was early, & at least they still give takeaway packs. The other airlines are seriously using the covid 19 as an excuse to only serve water onboard.

Engr Kennedy Ogudo n@kenymarcel

Ibom air services and timekeeping ability is exceptional. I just wish you guys will extend to other states. Bravo

Princess Florence of Greece and Denmark @onyebebe

I hope Ibom Air sustains the excellence. That was how Air Peace started till they ….

Sen. Oluwatobiloba @whitemantobit

Ibom air doesn’t disappoint, if you miscalculate of waste few mins, you already missed your flight.

Mfonobong  @_baybeegeh

I remember my friend, @psalta_a and I thinking we arrived too early for a 2:30pm flight. Only to hear “Ibom Air passengers boarding” at past 1pm. Omo! Ibom Air 1-0 Us Plus, my acrophobia flew out the window, thanks to the comfort I experienced. Kudos! @ibomairlines

@onyebebe asked an important question about sustainability. He said, “I hope Ibom Air sustains the excellence”. This is one important question we will allow Ibom Air to respond to.

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