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The Nigerian railway corporation has upgraded the Abuja to Kaduna train service with the addition of two trains and 10 more coaches. With this addition, the train number of trips has been increased from two to four trips daily.  Also, the fare has increased a bit higher than what it was before. Find below the new fare and new timetable.

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Excerpt Wednesday
Stations Description 1st Trip 2nd Trip 3rd Trip 4th Trip
RIGASA Departure 06:40 10:35 14:00 18:00
KUBWA Arrival 08:28 12:59 15:58 20:04
KUBWA Departure 08:21 14:04 16:03 20:07
IDU Arrival 08:43 13:20 16:16 20:20



Excerpt Wednesday
Stations Description 1st Trip 2nd Trip 3rd Trip 4th Trip
IDU Departure 07:00 09:50 14:00 18:00
KUBWA Arrival 07:14 10:02 14:36 18:12
KUBWA Departure 07:17 10:07 14:41 18:15
RIGASA Arrival 09:15 12:01 17:00 19:56


Stations Description 1st Trip 2nd Trip
RIGASA Departure 13:00 16:00
KUBWA Arrival 14:49 18:02
KUBWA Departure 14:54 18:07
IDU Arrival 15:06 18:21


Stations Description 1st Trip 2nd Trip
IDU Departure 12:30 17:00
KUBWA Arrival 12:44 17:12
KUBWA Departure 12:49 17:17
RIGASA Arrival 15:02 19:05


Wednesday Schedule

Stations Description 1st Trip 2nd Trip
RIGASA Departure 06:40 18:00
KUBWA Arrival 08:28 20:04
KUBWA Departure 08:21 20:07
IDU Arrival 08:43 20:20


Wednesday Schedule

Stations Description 1st Trip 2nd Trip
IDU Departure 07:00 18:00
KUBWA Arrival 07:14 18:12
KUBWA Departure 07:17 18:15
RIGASA Arrival 09:15


Price Update: 

First Class – 6,000

Business Class – N5,000

Economy class – 3,000

First class

Old price New price
1,500 6,000


Old price New price
1,050 3,000

Side Note: The Meaning of Express and normal Rides

With this increase, the Nigerian Railway Corporation, also, added another service to cater to business travellers and others that are in a hast to reach their destination. The new services are the Normal and express ride.

Express Ride: Express ride as the name implies means that it is a non-stop ride. The train will only stop at Kubwa and Idu stations.

Normal Ride: This is exactly opposite of express service. The train will stop at all the train stations along the Abuja to Kaduna route.

Also, a luggage carriage van has been added. If you have lots of luggage, worry less, there is a baggage van for you.

You can read more on How to Book the train Here

If you have not used the train before, read my experience here. If you are wondering what the train looks like, click here to see. 

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    • Amadi Inya Reply

      Thank you very Much. Use any of the social Media

  2. Please canbone send luggage through your terminals and how much is it ?

    • Amadi Inya Reply

      Dear Faruq,

      I am currently not at the station now. But i would advice you goto any station close to you and get all the information you need concerning luggage. If you are travelling with the train, luggage is free.

  3. Anas Abubakar Reply

    What are the schedules on Wednesdays, from kaduna to Abuja. Thanks

    • the Schedule for Wensday are First Train 06:40 am Second Train 10:35 am Third Train 14:00 pm and Last Train 18:00

  4. Can I travel to Delta state and what’s the cost? I can’t find anyone who has traveled through that route or assistance on how to book the ticket.

  5. Shamsuddeenusman54@gmail.com Reply

    Hello, plz kaduna to kubwa schedule on Fri and sat


  6. Please when is the second trip to kaduna from idu on Mondays. What time am I expected to be at the terminal

  7. Hi sir. From kubwa to k.d is how much. And wen would the train take off on Monday

  8. Samson Danladi Reply

    Hey please when is the train from kubwa taking off on Friday to kaduna please

  9. Aliyu Abdulkadir Gusau Reply

    Please fyinfo, iam highly impressd with the services being my first time to join the train from Abuja–kaduna. But my major area of concern, please up to what time will the FG starts bringing the world wide and globly APPROVED SPEED TRAIN other developd countries have been using for long couple of years, when will this kind of deveploment reach our country Nigeria?

  10. Please let me have your number to call you now. I want to leave Abuja for Kaduna today

  11. What’s the procedure for booking from Kaduna to abuja
    I’m in Zaria

    • Goto the train station at Rigasa and make payment. There is no online bookings & payment option for now. Everything is done at the station.

  12. SA'EED YAHYA Reply

    Dear Amadi, what is the current schedule for Wednesday train, Kaduna to Abuja route, please?

  13. Oni justice Reply

    Pls what is the schedule for Wednesday from kabuwa to kaduna time

  14. Oni justice Reply

    Pls does train move from. Abuja to Kaduna on Wednesday and what time

    • Yes, there is a train schedule on Wednesdays. From Abuja to Kaduna first train is by 7 am and second trip at 6 pm.

  15. Rinret Ayuba Reply

    Pls sir, can I go to the station d very day i want to travel without booking ahead and still travel?

  16. Donald Williams Reply

    Pls will there be train service tomorrow being a work free day

  17. sir, what is the train schedule for wednesday 14th augus t2019 Abuja to kaduna

  18. I totally understand the meaning express and normal trip, but which of the schedules is for express and normal trips.

  19. olanipekun olaitan Reply

    Please can I book Abuja to Kaduna ticket 5hours before the departure time

  20. Hi! Please your post was months ago, does it still apply to today especially that of Sunday?

  21. Hello
    I will need to board the train from Kubwa to Kaduna on Wednesday. Can I secure or book for a seat today?

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