Why you need to renew your passport as an international traveller

Why you need to renew your passport as an international traveller – Passport is a major part of a travel document that every traveller needs before travel to a foreign country and can only be issued by a government to individuals. It is used to identify the citizenship or nationality of the holder and some other vital information like date of birth, signature etc. There are different types of passport one can have. For instance, there is a regular, special, diplomatic, temporary etc.

This official document is not all that common considering the fact that it is not everyone that travels abroad. Among all the people that has it, only few renew their own as at when due. The reason why the remaining percentage has decided not to renew their own is best known to them.

There are two major things every traveller needs to understand about passport renewal. First, you need to understand that there is a time frame stipulated for you to renew it. Secondly, it is easy and less stressful. All the stress you passed through the first time you applied is not the same again.

If I am not going to travel soon, why do I need to renew my official document? Why don’t I use the money for something useful now, when I want to travel I will renew it? These and more are some of the things that some people will say when it is time for renewal.


Now I present to you 3 ultimate reasons why it is vital to renew your passport as at when due.

  1. There is a stipulated time.

It is unfortunate that some travellers do not know that there is a stipulated time frame for every traveller to renew their official document as soon as it expired. Almost all the countries give Six (6) Months grace for expired passport to be renewed. One may ask what will happen if the six (6) months grace elapse? If it expired for more than six (6) months and above, you will not be eligible to renew it again, that is to say you will start afresh again like a first timer. All the steps or processes a beginner will pass through will be applicable to you. So in other not to start afresh it on time.

  1. No Extra charges

There is a popular proverb that says “Make a hay while the sun shines” this simple means make use of your available opportunity before it will expire. As a traveller, frequent or not, renew your official document on time to avoid rush hour. Don’t wait till the last minute befowaited re you renew you it because you will definitely pay higher than the normal fee just like the lady that entered my office some time ago. Because she till a day before her travel dates she had to pay for fast track which is more expensive.

  1. To avoid extra damage

Some travellers’travelling documents is old and rough maybe because of the way the holder handles it. Some travellers are careless, the drop or store it in the wrong place and that will make it look rough. In other to avoid extra damage there is need for you to renew yourstravelling documents so that you can get a good and presentable one.

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