Max Air Pilot Try to throw a Passenger off The Plane

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Max air pilot was caught on camera quelling with his passengers over a flight delay. The pilot was filmed talking back at passengers when the customer question the airline 4 hours flight delay.

According to the pilot who spoke in both English and Hausa Language, he is volunteering to assist the passengers and they are insulting him.

When I am volunteering to take you to your family, you can look at me and insult me. Simply because I choose to help you right?

Max Air Pilot Try to throw a Passenger off The Plane
max Air pilot

According to a Facebook user that shared the post and a video, the pilot and the cabin crew attempted to offload the passenger for question the airline long flight delay. The entire passenger on the Bauchi bound flight stood in solidarity with the passenger. In the video, passengers were heard saying “all of us will go down”

Max Air flight, Abuja to Bauchi after 4 hours delay a lady complaint bitterly while boarding the plane. The pilot and other crew insisted the lady must be pick out of the plane before he flight. The frustrated passengers stand in solidarity with the lady. The Pilot is very Rude and Need To Be Sanctioned. ~ OOO

Max Air Pilot Try to throw a Passenger off The Plane
max air passenger walking off

One of the passengers onboard the Max Air flight has describe the pilot behaviour as unprofessional as she narrates how the airline delayed the flight.

Look at this arrogant unprofessional pilot. They kept us for 3 hrs. Yesterday in Bauchi flying to Abuja. I think is the same flight. We were supposed to leave Bauchi at 7:30 pm but didn’t until 11: 39pm. There is no single day that max air does not delay their flight from 3 to 5hrs or even cancel at the end. They are not even with their stupid apologies.

As at the time we published this post, there is no official response/statement from the airline concerning the heated argument between the pilot and the passengers.

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