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Lagos Tour 1: Museum and Library Experience

In my explorations as a tourist, I have visited more museums in total, as compared to any other kind of attraction. Notwithstanding the number visited so far, a lot more were still in my bucket list. For my Lagos tour this season, the CRIMMD Museum of Nigerian heritage was number one on the list . So when I got into Lagos this time around, I quickly made necessary arrangements and fixed a date to visit. Then, I called up a friend and partner in the industry, Mr Dozie Obi and he reinstated his willingness to go with me. On the fixed date, went and saw the wonderful things happening at Centre for Research, Information Management and Media Development. I was so amazed that I decided to revisit a second time being that we didn’t have so much time to explore at the first visit.

I, Dr Raphael and Dozie
Tourist Kristy, Dr Rapael and Dozie Obi

Being located in a very calm and less busy part of Lagos, one would easily underestimate the wealth of information and resources that are found in this small museum solely owned by a private individual, Dr Raphael James.

Centre for Research, Information Management and Media Development otherwise known as CRIMMD is actually a standard research developmental institution that manages information; media and political research; biographical and autobiographical writings; documentations, exhibitions and script editing. It is non-political, non-governmental, non-profit making but standard research developmental institution. As an intellectual developmental institution, CRIMMD reaches out to the public through participations in seminars, workshops, publications, conferences, excursions, humanitarian services, courtesy visits and awards presentation to deserving Nigerians.

The institute is made up of 3 sections; the free skill acquisition centre, the free library, and the museum of Nigerian heritage.

The skill acquisition program is solely for women who are interested in baking, cooking, fashion design, tie and dye, soap making and bead making. The program has helped to train about 7400 women free of charge since its inception. If you are a female and you live around the Ejigbo axis, you can call to register ITS ABSOLUTLY FREE!

Sewing machines at the skill acquisation centre
Skill acquisation centre

On the other hand, the free library houses a lot of useful resources for students, researchers and especially media personnel and journalists. It has 43 books on Nigerian civil war. Right there, you will also find various newspaper and magazine publications from inception till date such as Newswatch magazine from1984 till date, Tell magazine, African guardian magazine, African Concorde magazine owned by M.K Abiola, Guinness book of world records and other world historic books. It also houses various educational materials. Its open weekdays free of charge for student and the general public.

Library section

However, the big deal is the CRIMMD Museum of Nigerian Heritage. Established on October 1st 2012, CRIMMD started off as a photo museum but presently it has a collection of about 10, 000 photos on Nigeria history and other really valuable items from pre-colonial, colonial and modern era. The museum is rich with photographs and portraits of;

  • the slave trade and its relics, through to the famous Berlin Conference of 1884/85
  • the era of Explorers (Expedition) of Dr. Mungo Park, Richard Landers and others.
  • the onset of the merchants of the Royal Niger Company of Sir George Goldie through to Lord Fredrick Lugard who amalgamated Nigeria in 1914 and his wife
  • Protectorates governors and all former Governor Generals
  • fire brand die hard Nationalists from Sir Herbert Macaulay through to Mazi Mbaonu Ojike
  • indigenous Governor General
  • Regional premiers and Regional Governors
  • Military Head of States and their deputies
  • Military governors and the Military Administrators that ever ruled in the making and shaping of Nigeria
  •  Civilian elected president and their vice
  • all the first ladies from Mrs. Flora Ogbeyalu Azikiwe to Aisha Buhari
  • Elected civilians governors up to the present time
  • Senate presidents and the Speakers of House of Representatives from the pre-independence era to the present time
  •  Chief Justices of Nigeria
  •  Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Administrators/Ministers
  • Inspector General of Police (Past and Present)
  • Secretaries to the Federal Government
  • Chiefs of Army Staff, Naval Staff; Air Staff, Chiefs of Defense and the Ministers of Defense
  • Comptroller General of Customs Service
  • Chairmen of Electoral Commissions
  • Central Bank of Nigeria Governors
  • Notable people in the News; Nigeria women of substance and achievers; Events of the century; the Nigeria Civil War and personalities

It also features outstanding landmark personalities like; King Onyeama, King Jaja of Opopo, Queen Amina of Zaria, Bishop Ajayi Crowther e.t.c.

1922 gramophone
1922 gramophone

Notable items that are found physically in the museum include some historical relics like;

  • Modern turntable with 1922 gramophone
  • Souvenir from FESTAC 77 event
  • Ceramic bottles brought by the first set of Portuguese that came to Nigeria
  • Stamps with history dating back to the era of the first post office in Nigeria which was a branch of the British General Post Office in 1851
  • Collection of ancient and modern lanterns
  • Olden day’s black and white table televisions
  • Items from Benin – British War
  • Items from West African frontier force that was set up by Lord Lugard
  • 1943 Radiogram
  • 1982 KDK  standing fan that is still functioning
  • Old currency and coins from 1910 till date
  • Samples of the West African coins of 1930’s
  • Central Bank of Nigeria currency notes and coins from the July 1st, 1959 till date
  • Nigeria civil war currency denominations

Samples of used various forms of money including cowries and manilas and other strange commodities that were also used as a form of exchange known as barter are also in display. National symbols past and present and a lot more, including different maps of Nigeria displaying state creations from the protectorate era to the present 36 states, old and new national anthem and the composers, amalgamations speeches and all coup speeches, symbols of coat of arms, flags and the personalities behind them.

The museum also has 40 samples of Nigerian mineral resources such as false gold, coal, zinc and crude oil.

Honestly, this post does not do justice to everything that you will see at CRIMMD Museum plus the story behind them. You just have to visit because this is just a tip of the iceberg.

CRIMMD located at 138 Ejigbo-Idimu Road behind Ago Adura bus stop by Chrisland College, Idimu, Lagos.  Call/WhatsApp 08030700584 for further inquiries.  SEE YOU THERE!!!!

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