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Kaduna – Abuja Train Workers Join NLC Strike

The Train Workers at the Rigasa Station, Kaduna has joined the Kaduna state workers on the 5-day warning strike organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress.

The Nigeria Labour Congress declared a strike in Kaduna state to protest against the state government mass sack of workers in the state.

According to reports, Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai disengaged 4,000 workers across the 23 local government of the state.

According to a Twitter user, they are protesting against the increase in tuition fees, workers layoff and increase in electricity distribution company tariff.

How To Strike Affected The Train Movement From Abuja To Kaduna

The situation in Kaduna is affecting the Abuja to Kaduna Train movement because the working in Kaduna joined the Nigeria Labour congress strike. The workers at the Kaduna train stations are not on duty to receive trains from Abuja and they cannot sell tickets to passengers travelling from Kaduna to Abuja.

Kaduna - Abuja Train Workers Join NLC Strike
Train at the station

What Happened To already booked ticket

So many travellers are not aware of this strike and they have already booked their tickets. Some showed up this morning at the train station only to discover that the train station is looked.

Ticket Change Option

All those that have booked their ticket and were affected by the strike should not discard their tickets. According to a staff that I contacted, he said that all affected tickets will be changed to any date that the passenger wants to travel again. 

What I am yet to confirm is if the passenger will have to inform the station a day before travel so that they can reschedule the ticket to the new date. Another thing is rerouting, for instance, someone that booked Abuja to Kaduna but now want Kaduna to Kaduna.

For now, we don’t know the validity of the ticket. Normally, a ticket is not valid after the date of travel. Now that the railway station cancelled the train, we cannot tell how long the ticket will be valid.


For now, we cannot tell if a passenger will get a refund or not. the only option available is a ticket change. 

The warning strike will last for 5 days and we hope that the train will start immediately after the strike. You can keep in touch with us to get more updates and a notification when the train services resume.  

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