How To Suspend/Change Azman Air Flight Date & Time

Flight change is something that happens frequently. You’re reading this because you want to change or suspend your flight ticket or you want to know how much it will cost to change your Azman Air flight ticket before you can decide whether to change or travel with the already booked ticket.

A traveller may decide to change flight date, time or route at any time. A minute they say can change everything. The cost of a ticket change goes a long way to decide if a passenger can change a flight ticket or not. 

How To Open/Suspend Azman Air Flight Ticket

If you don’t have a new date, time or change in mind, read no further. I would advise you open/suspend the ticket so that you can use it later in the future (your ticket is valid for one year). In some case, a traveller wants to change a flight but don’t know when he/she will travel again.

Don’t panic, we can help you suspend/open the ticket and keep it open for you so that you can use it any time you’re ready to travel. Just contact us for assistance/enquiry. 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp)

Whatever the case may be, I am here to guide you on how to work on your flight date, time and route. If you encounter any challenge, I am available 24/7 to assist you.

Step one

Visit Azman Air Website

The moment you decide to change or reschedule your flight, the first step to the flight change is to visit the Azman air website.

Step Two

Enter Your Booking reference and surname

Click Manage Booking/Check-in

Enter your booking details.

You only need to enter your Booking Reference Number (PNR) and your surname. The booking reference number is a mixture of alphabets and numbers e.g AD2G6D.

After that, click Ok and move to the next step.

If you get an error, check the Booking reference number you entered and your surname. Also, check if the ticket is still valid for use.

Step Three

Select change flight

If the details you entered are correct, your booking dashboard will open. In the dashboard, you can do lots of things like, update contact details, resend ticket to any email and of course change your flight.

Our focus is on flight change so, click on the Change Flight button.

Step Four

Select a flight

If your ticket is a return ticket, the first and second flight ticket will be displayed. Select the flight you want to change. you can select both if you want to change both flights.

If your ticket is just a one-way flight, no issues just tick the small box and click the change button.

Note: You can only change the date and time online. You cannot change your destination online. If the small box is not clickable, don’t panic just contact us for assistance.

If you want to change the destinations for example from Lagos to Abuja to Lagos to Owerri, kindly Contact us for assistance/enquiry. 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp)

Step Five

Change Your flight

Now when you click on the change button, a search page will display. Since you cannot change the destination online (Contact us if you want to change it), click on the date and select the new date you. Select the same date if you just want to change the flight time on the same date.

Click Next.

Step Five

Select New Change (Choose the class of service)

When you click on the next, all the flights available for the date you selected will display. Select the new time you want (if there are more than 1 flight on that date). Select the class of service you want. If it’s economy, click on it. If it is a business class, click on it.

The moment you click on the class of service you want (economy class or business class), the fare difference you will pay display.

If it’s a free change which I doubt, the price will be NGN 00.00 which means you will not pay a dime for the change. If the price of the new date is higher, you will pay the fare difference.

Step Five

Select A Method of Payment

If the fare difference is what you can afford, select the method of payment you want and complete the booking. You will pay a bank charge when you want to make payment for the change.

You cannot reserve to pay later. Click Next

Step Five

Select the type of payment card

Select the type of payment card your holding (e.g Mastercard, Verve, Visa etc). Enter the payment card details. Wait for OTP (One Time Payment). When you get the OTP, enter it. If payment is accepted, you will get a success message and that’s all.

You have just changed your ticket.

If you don’t understand all the process above or you encountered a challenge, feel free to contact us for assistance/enquiry. 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp)

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