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How To Resolve Air Peace Flight Ticket Payment Issues

You’re reading this probably because you paid for a flight ticket and your money was deducted without getting the ticket the money was deducted for. Before you blame Air Peace, ready below.

I am a travel agent and I have experienced this countless times. I am going to share my experience and how I resolved the issues.

Where Your Money Might Be

Don’t be too quick to blame Air Peace. From my experience, sometimes the bank maybe with the money. Just the same way you go to the ATM or POS to withdraw and you get a dispensing error, that’s what might happen the moment you paid for the ticket.  

Sometimes too, the airline will get the money without issuing the ticket. The major question now is where is your money? Is the money with the airline or with the bank?

The Method I Use To Find My Money

I will explain how I use to find my money using the two IF statements below.

If I Don’t Have Much Time, I Use This Option

Assuming the ticket will cancel soon and there is no seat again or the next class available is higher than what I booked, I will pay again using the same Booking Reference Number. If I have money, I will pay for the ticket again even though I was charged.

I do this to be on the safe side. To avoid losing the seat or paying for a higher class in case if the money is not with the airline. Secondly, if the money is with the bank or the airline, I will apply for a reversal and my money will return.

If I Have Much Time, I Use TThis OOption

If the ticket will not cancel soon, I used to email the airline and the payment option like Paystack, Flutterwave separately. In the email, I will ask both the airline and the payment platform to confirm if the money is with them.

If the money is with the airline, they will issue the ticket and send it to me. If the money is with the payment platform, I will contact my bank and fill the reversal form and I will get my money.

If the money is with the airline after paying again, they will send a fund reversal form to fill. It will take 28 working days to get the money back.

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