How To Resale a Booked Green Africa Flight Ticket

How To Resale a Booked Green Africa Flight Ticket

Green Africa Airways may be annoying with some of their tight ticket rules but there is something that distinguishes them from other airlines in Nigeria. This trick is not official but I think it is going to help you. 

The Green Africa Flight Ticket Rules

Green Africa entered the travel market as a budget or pocket-friendly fare airline. Many Nigerians were happy that they have an airline that can charge them less for what other airlines charge them more. Unknown to many of them, Green Africa has ticket rules that will make them not book the airline again. 

One of the rules is the 7kg baggage allowance. A passenger called and warned me never to recommend the airline again. The passenger booked a gSaver class and was charged more than NGN 20,000 for excess luggage. This baggage allowance has been and will always be an issue for some travellers.

Another rugged and tough rule is the missed flight ticket rule. Initial, if you book a gSaver class ticket and miss your flight, the airline will count the ticket as used. You cannot change the ticket again. That means your money is gone for good. 

Recently, Green Africa decided to introduce what they call gWaiver for passengers that missed their flight. 

How Does The gWaiver work?

Although the gWaiver is not a complete solution, it is better than before. The gWaiver is used by passengers to reschedule their flight. As soon as you miss your flight, you will contact the airline to buy a gWaiver. The gWaiver cost NGN 7,500. You will pay the airline NGN 7,500 plus any possible fare difference. 

You have up to 11:59 pm (the same flight day) to change your ticket else, it will be counted as a used ticket. The gSaver will not work after the grace period. 

Why Resale A Ticket?

Life happens and changes they say is constant. I have encountered different kinds of travellers and I have a good experience of travellers and they travel behaviour. A change in travel plan or unforeseen circumstances can result in the resale of a Green Africa airways ticket. 

How To Resale A Green Africa Ticket 

Many travellers have called me to ask “how can I sale my flight ticket” or “how to change ticket name after booking” questions. Green Africa may just be an answer to the questions. Now how is that possible. 

Step 1: Upgrade & Create a credit share

gFlex passengers: If you are a gFlex passenger, contact the airline, ask them to create a credit share for you.

gSavers And gClassic: Contact the airline to upgrade your ticket to gFlex. After that, ask the airline to create a credit share for you.

When the airline creates a credit share for you, they will delete the itinerary (name and all the travel information) from the booking.  

Step Two: Sale The Ticket

When you get a buyer, send the buyer itinerary to the airline. Green Africa will rebook the flight using the new itinerary you provided. 

Note: Your ticket is valid for 1 year. After one year, you will lose the ticket if you don’t use it.  

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