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How To Have A Lavish But Affordable Trip To Anywhere In The World

The dream of some tourist is to travel to anywhere in the world, live lavish lifestyle yet spend less. Sometimes it does not have to be so because if you want to have a fabulous holiday, you have to dip your hand into your pocket and spend more. There are affordable and luxury destinations all over the world. Choosing either luxury or affordable destination is a thing of choice. If you want to enjoy a luxury vacation for less, stick around as your travel partner shares tips on how to have a lavish but affordable trip to anywhere in the world

Travel At The Right Time

There is time for everything [Ecclesiastes 3:1]. I am not trying to preach the word of God but I’m only trying to tell you that there is a right time to travel. Do you want to have a lavish but affordable vacation? Remove summer (July and August) and end of the year (December and January) from your When-to-Travel list. Summer and end of the year are peak seasons. This is a period when destinations around the world usually experience an influx of tourists.

Due to high demand for accommodation, transportation etc. during summer, destinations, transportation and accommodation owners tend to hike the price of their products and services. The best time to travel is off-season when the demand for transportation, accommodation etc. are less.

Check Where To Get The Real Deal

There are many useful websites on the internet where you can get a better deal on hotels and flights. Did you know that airlines give discounts to their members? If you subscribe to airline’s email newsletter, you can stand a chance of getting 30% or 50% discount. Some hotels on the other hand offer discounts and free upgrade upon request. Do a proper research before travelling to get a better deal on all the things you need to have a fabulous vacation.

How To Have A Lavish But Affordable Trip To Anywhere In The World
Patronize local goods and services – sharonang / Pixabay

Go Local In Everything

Staying in a luxury hotel or dining in a luxury restaurant is absolutely nothing. There are quality but memorable places you can stay at your destination that is far better than a luxury hotel. You can save huge cost by dining in a local restaurant, staying in a local hotel and using a public transportation.


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”― Benjamin Franklin. Planning is everything and everything we do in life involves planning. It’s unfortunate that many people tend to blame others for their failure not knowing that they have already planned to fail.

As a travel agent, I know that there are some people that will just wake up one morning and call an agent to book a flight for him/her for a vacation. There are also some people that plan three to four months in advance. I believe you know the class you belong to. You want to enjoy a luxury vacation for less because you have less to spend. All you need to do is to plan in advance to get the best deal.

How To Have A Lavish But Affordable Trip To Anywhere In The World
Hire a Local tourist guide – sharonang / Pixabay

Hire A Local Guide

There is nobody that knows the local or host community more than the locals. The locals are the best guide when you want to move around your destination. They know the attractions and the history. The best thing to do is to hire a cab driver that doubles as a guide. The advantage is you don’t need to pay for a cab and tour separately. You only have to pay once since it’s the same person.

A Nigerian songwriter says “Who no like better thing make I see am” meaning “he wants to see who does not like a good thing”. We all want good things but due to one thing or the other, we decided to opt for another thing.
Do you want to enjoy a luxury vacation for less? Apply the above tips before or during your vacation.

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