How To Get The New Nigeria Travel Passport and The Price

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, has officially launched the 10-years validity e-passport at the state house, Abuja. It was reported here last year that the Nigeria immigration services have concluded plans to launch a 10 years validity period passport by December 2018.

According to the Nigeria Immigration boss, the new passport came with improved features.

Below are things you need to know about the new Nigerian passport.

  • It is weather friendly.
  • It can eliminate damage with polycarbonate technology.
  • The new passport has 25 additional security features.
  • The new passport cannot be reproduced anywhere.
  • There are centers for an express application.
  • There are options, You can get five years validity period passport or 10 years validity period passport. The 32 and 64 pages options are still available. You can choose any of the two.
  • Travellers will no longer renew every 5years (if you opted for the 10 years validity period passport)
  • President Muhammadu Buhari on June 26, 2018, approved the extension of validity of Nigeria’s e-Passport to 10 years.
  • On January 15, 2019, Muhammadu Buhari, launched the newly enhanced security e-Passport with 10-year validity.
  • The new passport will work concurrently with the existing passports.

The cost/ price of the new passport.

32 pages e-passport with 5 years validity period, the cost/price is NGN 25,000 or 130 for those outside Nigeria.

64 pages e-passport with 5 years validity period, the cost/price is NGN 35,000 or 150 for those outside Nigeria.

The new e-Passport with 64 pages & 10 years validity (expiration) is pegged at N70,000 for Nigeria and $230 abroad.

How to get the e-passport

  • First is to Complete the passport application form online. Visit the Nigeria Immigration Website to complete the form.
  • Select an immigration passport office you will go for a photograph and biometric data capturing.
  • After completing the form online, make payment.
  • If your payment is successful, you will get Application ID and Reference Number.
  • With the Application ID and Reference Number, you can then Print out your Guarantor’s form. (the Guarantor’s form must be signed by a guarantor and commissioner of an oath in a competent court.
  • Submit the completed passport application form with other requirements in person at the passport office selected during the online payment process for further processing.

Before you apply for the new e-Passport, these are the things you need to know.

  1. Application fees paid for a passport is non-refundable.
  2. Payment shall be refunded only if double payment is mistakenly made for the same application.
  3. Payments are valid for one (1) year only from the payment date.
  4. Only online payment is acceptable. Anyone who pays otherwise and receives service is subject to prosecution and revocation of visa or passport.
  5. If you have already completed an application, please check your application status rather than completing a duplicate application.
  6. An address will be verified for processing and delivery. Before completing an application, please ensure that you pay the verification & delivery fee and ensure your address is correct.

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