How To Check-in Arik Air Flight Ticket Online

All airlines encourage passengers to always check in their flight online. This is a win-win for both passengers and the airline. For the airline, it saves them resources, personal and paper. On the passenger’s side, it saves them time at the airport and also give them the chance to chose where to seat on the aeroplane.

Aside from the time online check-in saves, sometimes when you’re late to the airport, you may be allowed to board since you have checked in already.

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Two major disadvantages of online check-in are

  1. You cannot change your ticket online again. You have to contact the airline to offload you. The airline may direct you to go to the airport for the offloading. What if you were not offloaded what happens?
  2. The second disadvantage is, if you were not offloaded, the ticket will enter no-show and you will be charged a fee before the ticket can be changed. In some cases, if you were not offloaded, the airline will count you among passengers that boarded the flight.

What this means is, you will lose the ticket and if you do not go to the airline office to prove you did not travel, that’s the end of the ticket. I have experienced it before and it was not funny. I lost the ticket.

If the online check-in opens, below are the steps on how to check yourself in asap.

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First step: Go-to Arik Air Website

That’s where to start from even if you booked from a third-party website. The check-in will be done at the Arik air website.

Second Step: Online Check-in

When the website is open, click on the online check-in tab. Enter your ticket details in the boxes provided. The details you need are

  1. Booking reference number.
  2. Your first name on the ticket.
  3. The last name on the ticket.

Third Step: Select a flight

How To Check-in Arik Air Flight Ticket Online
Select a flight you want to check-in

If the ticket details you entered were correct, the ticket will open and you will see your flight (s) displayed.

If it’s a return ticket, the first and second flight will be there so, chose the one to check-in. if it’s a one-way ticket, no challenge just select the flight there and hit the continue button.

Fourth Step: Select a Seat

How To Check-in Arik Air Flight Ticket Online
Arik Air seat Selected

Yo! this is the main deal. At this stage, you will see the aeroplane seat configuration. How the sitting arrangement looks like. This will help you to select a seat. The available seats are yellow and also clickable which the unavailable seats are dark and not clickable.

Just click on the seat you want and the seat will be updated on your ticket.

Fifth Step: Get Your Boarding pass.

The next and final thing to do is to download your boarding pass. After selecting the seat and smash the continue button, the boarding pass will be ready waiting for you to download it. Hit the download button and that’s all.

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