How to Change Dana Air Flight Date, Route & Time For Free

You want to change your Dana Air flight because the flight date, route or time is no longer convince for you. Well, I understand, change is a constant thing. 

People change their flight every minute and every day. You don’t need to check other blogs on how to change a flight because I have got you covered here for all flight change.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to change your Dana Air Flight. If you get confused or feeling like you cannot do it, I am always available to assist you to pull through.

Few Things You Need To Know

  • If your flight is less than 2 hours before departure, you can change your ticket free of charge. Don’t fall for that “FREE OF CHARGE”, you will still pay a fare difference if there is any difference in the fares.
  • If your flight is 2 hours before departure, you will be charged NGN 2,700 plus a fare difference if there is any.
  • If you missed your flight, you will be charged NGN 4,500 and a fare difference (if there is any).

Dana Air does not have an option to suspend or open a ticket for future use. Other airlines like Arik Air, Air Peace, Max Air, Aero Contactor, Azman Air etc give passengers the privilege to open a ticket and they will not be charged in case they miss the flight.

How To Change Dana Air Flight Ticket?

Straight to why you are here. Follow the steps below to change your ticket in few clicks.

Step one

Visit Dana Air Website

The first place to start is the Dana Air website. Click here

Step Two

Click Manage Booking

Enter your booking details.

You only need to enter your Booking reference number and your surname. The booking reference is a mixture of 6 alphabets and numbers e.g BAWABC.

After that, click Ok and move to the next step.

If you get an error message, check the Booking reference number you enter and your surname. Also, check the ticket validity period to be sure it is still valid for use.

Step Three

How to Change Dana Air Flight Date, Route & Time For Free
Dana Air Dashboard

Select Exchange Tickets

If you entered the correct details, your booking dashboard will open. In the dashboard, you can do lots of things like check-in, resend ticket to any email and flight change.

So, click on the exchange tickets button.

Step Four

How to Change Dana Air Flight Date, Route & Time For Free
Select a Dana Flight

Select a flight

If your ticket is a return ticket, the first and second flight ticket will be displayed. Select the flight you want to change. you can select both if you want to change the first and second flight.

If your ticket is just a one-way flight, tick the small box, select a flight date and click on the search for flights button.

Select the same date if you just want to change the flight time on the same date.

NOTE: if you want to change the destinations, just select the new date you want and click on search for a flight. You will get to the stage where you can change destinations.

Click Next.

Step four

Select New Change (Choose the class of service)

How to Change Dana Air Flight Date, Route & Time For Free
Select a flight time and class of service

When you click on the search for flights, all the flights available for the date you selected will display. Select the new time you want (if there are more than 1 flight on that date). 

Select the class of service you want. If it’s economy, click on it. If it is a business class, click on it.

The moment you click on the class of service you want (economy class or business class), the fare difference you will pay display.

If it’s a free change which I doubt, the price will be NGN 0.00 which means you will not pay a dime. If the price of the new date is higher, you will pay the fare difference.

Step Five

Change Destination.

How to Change Dana Air Flight Date, Route & Time For Free
Change Dana Air Route

On this same page, you can now change the destination (reroute your flights). Just click on the “flight segments” all the routes will display.

Step six

Save your ticket

Dana Air Ticket change saved
Dana Air Ticket change saved

This is one cool feature of Dana Air. After changing the date, route or time, you can save your flight change to pay later. The change expiring date will be available for you. 

If the time elapses, your ticket change request will cancel and you will not have access to complete the change.

You can rebook the flight change. If you confused and don’t know how to do it, please contact me.

The moment you save the change, additional money will be added to you depending on the time you are making the flight change.

Step Five

Select the method of payment

When you are ready to pay, login if you logged out. Click on the continue button to select a method of payment.

Select the type of payment card your holding. Enter the payment card details. Wait for OTP (One Time Payment). When you get the OTP, enter it. If payment is accepted, you will get a success message and that’s all.

congratulations, you have just changed your ticket.

If you don’t understand all the process above or you encountered a challenge, feel free to Contact us for assistance/enquiry. 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp)

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