How To Book Lagos - Abeokuta - Ibadan Train Tickets Online

How To Book Lagos – Abeokuta – Ibadan Train Tickets Online

This is a practical step-by-step guide on how to book the Lagos – Abeokuta and Ibadan train tickets online. The Nigeria Railway Corporation has launched a website that allows passengers to book the Lagos to Ibadan train from the comfort of their homes.

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Step One – Visit the Website

This is the Lagos, Abeokuta and Ibadan train online booking website –

Click the link to visit the website.

Step two – Sign up/Register

When the website opens, click on the registration button to register. Note that you will need a valid National Identity Number (NIN) to register on the website.

After the registration, log in to your user dashboard to start the train booking.  

How To Book Lagos - Abeokuta - Ibadan Train Ticket Online
How To Book Lagos – Abeokuta – Ibadan Train Ticket Online

Step Three – Search For A Train

Select the train station you want to use and the train station where you want to stop. After that, select the date you want to travel. Kindly note that you can only book on the date of your travel or the next day. You cannot book days ahead for now.

Click on “Find My Train” to search for available trains.

Select the class of service you want
select the train you want on the Lagos – Abeokuta – Ibadan Train online website booking

Step four – Select a Train Based on Departure Time and Class

When this page opens, select the departure time you want and the class of service (First Class, Business class and standard class). If you see a seat you like, click on “Book Now”.

Enter Passengers details
Booking the Lagos – Abeokuta – Ibadan Train online website for another person

Step five – Passenger Details and Seat Selection

This is the stage where you will enter your details (Name and contact information). First, you must click “Coach” to select the coach you want to sit on. If they are more than one coach, you will see all the coaches. When you select a coach, a seat map will open for you to select where you want to sit.

The seats showing red are seats booked by someone. If there is no colour on the seat, it means that the seat is still available. You can click on it to book it.

If you are travelling with someone let’s say a child or another adult, you can click on another seat to select a seat for them. You cannot select more than 4 seats.

In case you don’t like the seat you selected, you can click on the seat again to unselect the seat. After you unselect, click on another free seat to choose the seat.

Enter The Passengers’ Details

If you are booking only one seat for yourself, click on “For Yourself” to automatically enter your details (name, NIN and contact information).

If the booking is for another person, enter the person’s details – name, NIN, email and phone number. Also, select the passenger type (Adult or Infant).

Click on Continue to move to the next stage.

cross check the Lagos - Abeokuta - Ibadan Train booking
cross check the Lagos – Abeokuta – Ibadan Train booking

Stage Six – Cross-check booking details

This is the stage where you cross-check your booking details to be sure everything is correct. If they are correct as you want, tick the box to agree with the Privacy Policy, User Agreement and Terms of Service.

Stage Seven – Make payment

Click on the Make Payment button to proceed with payment. When you click the button, you will get a warning message that your ticket will be reserved for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, the ticket will be released for other passengers to select. You will have to return to search to make another booking.

Enter your debit card details to complete the payment.

Stage Eight – Confirm the ticket

If your payment is successful, you will get your ticket and that is all.

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