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How To Book Cheap Asaba To Abuja Flight Ticket

Since the Warri Airport is closed at the moment, Asaba airport is the only airport that is available for people in Delta state and its environs like Anambra state etc.

Sometimes, Asaba Airport serves as an alternative airport to Benin, Edo state travellers. Because of the proximity, some passengers may decide to use Asaba airport especially when there is no flight or seat available on Benin to Abuja flights. 

How Much Is A flight from Asaba to Abuja?

Because of the nature of the price of flight tickets, no one can say the exact amount of a flight ticket. The price of a ticket can change at any minute. It can go high or reduce depending on seat availability. 

We can only give you a rough estimate of the cost of a flight ticket from Abuja to Asaba or return ticket cost. 

One thing to note when checking the cost of a flight ticket is your travel date and time. Your travel date and time will go a long way to decide the cost of a ticket. There is a possibility you will get a cheaper fare when you book at least 3 weeks ahead.

What is the cheapest Asaba to Abuja flight fare?

The cost of a cheap flight ticket from Asaba to Abuja at the time we published this article is 27,500 for a one-way economy ticket. A return economy class ticket will cost you 55,000.00 while the business class price starts from NGN 70,300. The same one-way economy class flight ticket can be as high as 44, 44,366 if you book late.

We encourage travellers to book ahead in other to get something cheap and affordable.

How to Book a Flight from Abuja to Enugu?

When you are ready to travel, check all the airlines that operate Asaba to Abuja. You can compare price and book anyone you want. If you don’t know how to go about it, we are here to help you with the booking process. 

We are available to help you with Flight Change and Flight Bookings. Feel free to contact us – 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp). We are available 24/7

The Airlines Operating Flights From Asaba to Abuja

Currently, 4 airlines are operating between Asaba and Abuja. The airlines are:

· Air Peace

· Aero contractor

· Azman Air

· United Nigeria Airline

How Many Flights from Abuja to Asaba in a Week

There is a flight from Abuja to Asaba or from Asaba to Abuja every day. If you didn’t see a flight any day, it’s either there is a national emergency or the airlines’ seats are sold out.

Air Peace has 1 flight between the two cities and United Nigeria Airline has one flight daily. Azman and Aero do not fly every day from Abuja to Asaba.

There are 7 flights per week from Asaba to Abuja. 

How Long Does it take to fly from Abuja to Asaba?

It will only take 50 minutes to fly from Asaba to Abuja. Some airlines may delay a flight due to operational reasons. If a flight is delayed more than 1 hour, you’re entitled to a free change to any day so long as there is a seat available. 

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