How To Book Abuja – Kaduna Train Online (Website)

Finally, the government heard our plea and did what we asked them to do. If you have used the train before, you will understand the importance of the train’s online booking platform. Imagine a situation someone goes to the station every day to buy a train ticket in 2021. 

There is a possibility you will go to the station without getting a ticket because someone came before you. If you see how passengers queue and beg to buy a ticket at the station, you will understand what I am talking about. I am wondering what those customer service reps will be doing since no one will beg them again for one ticket. 

Since the train service started, I have been following up on the developments. First, I shared my experience after using the train to Kaduna from Abuja. I also published the train schedule on this blog. Now, I am about to give you a step-by-step guide on how to train on the website. 

The steps below are for those that want to book on the website (Desktop and Smartphone). In case, you don’t want the mobile app, you can follow the steps below to book a train for yourself. 

How to Book a Train

Step One 

The first thing to do is to visit the website. Click Here

You have to create an account first before you proceed. Click on the sign-up button. Enter your email address and other required information. You will get a confirmation mail in the email address you used for the registration. After that, return to the website and continue the booking process. 

Step Two

How To Book Abuja – Kaduna Train Online (Website)
Select your route and date for the Abuja to Kaduna train

Select your route and date

Here on the website, you will select the station you want to use and where you’re going. After that, select the date you want to travel. Unfortunately, you can only book for today or tomorrow. You cannot book a far date. It’s still cool anyway. After selecting your route, click on Find My Train.

Step Three

Select date train time and class of service
How To Book Abuja – Kaduna Train Online (Website)

After selecting the date and route, the trains available for that date will display. Select the time you want and the class of service. The class of service can be either an economy class or business class. After that, select the coach you want to seat. The train is divided into coaches. 

Select a seat
How To Book Abuja – Kaduna Train Online (Website)

When you select a coach, automatically, the coach seat arrangement will display. Now, select where you want to seat. The available seats are in green colour while the unavailable seats will be in a different colour and you cannot select it. If a coach is filled, feel free to select another coach. 

If there is no train available for the date you selected, you will get a message like ’No trains available for your selection. Please modify your source and destination’. 

All you have to do is to go back and select another date or route.

Click on review tickets after selecting all you need to select.

Step 4

Reserve a Seat 

How To Book Abuja to Kaduna Train Online
Reserve a train seat

This page will tell you how much you will pay. The ticket money and other charges like insurance, stamp duty and medical charges will be added to the ticket money.  

Review if everything is correct as requested. There is no refund of money after payment. So, check every detail. You have 15 minutes to do so. If everything is correct, click on Reserve a seat. 

Book for Another person

Add another passenger to your train ticket

At this stage, you can book another person for the reservation you made. Select if the next person is an adult, a minor (child) or someone with a special need.

People with special needs pay less. The fare is like half of the adult fare while child fare is up to 70% of the adult fare. 

As soon as you click on the reserved seat, the timer will start counting. You have 15 minutes to hold a ticket before payment. 

Step 4

Make Payment

How To Book Abuja to Kaduna Train Online
How To Book Abuja to Kaduna Train Online

Click on the make payment. Enter your card details to complete payment. If the payment is successful, you will get your ticket. 

The Ticket

If payment is confirmed, you will get a receipt of the payment in the email address you used to register. The ticket will be in your account. Just click on the tickets tab in your account to access your ticket. you can print it there or save it as PDF.

This is where the ticket will be.

This is a sample of what the Abuja – Kaduna train ticket looks like.

Abuja – Kaduna train ticket sample

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