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Getting a refund on Air Peace is pretty simple but that does not mean the money will come easily. Getting a refund can be problematic, It’s getting difficult nowadays. It takes time before a refund will be credited to your account.

Before you contact air peace or your agent to ask for a refund, there are few things you need to check about your ticket. The first thing to check is the type of ticket you are holding. Is it refundable or non-refundable ticket? Air peace has 2 types of tickets namely refundable and non-refundable ticket.

Nonrefundable tickets are the cheapest and air peace calls them “Economy class” while the refundable is the “Economy-flexi” and  “Business Class” tickets. The refundable is usually expensive.

Secondly, Is the ticket still valid? All air peace tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Check if the ticket is still valid. If yes, then proceed for the refund. 

Types of Refunds

There are two types of refund.

  1. Voluntary Refund: This is the type of refund you get when you ask the airline to cancel your flight and give you your money back. You will get part of your ticket money as the refund money.
  2. Airline Refund: This is given by the airline when they cancel a flight. They can give you a voucher or change your flight to a later flight or a full refund.

How to get Air peace Refund and Requirements

As noted above, if the ticket is refundable and still valid, you can apply for a refund by sending a mail to air peace and ask for a refund. Air Peace refunds are honoured less 25% of the original ticket. What this means is, 25% will be deducted from the original ticket money. Assuming your ticket is N27,300,  Air peace will deduct 25% (6,825) and refund 20,475. That means you will lose 6,825 from the ticket money you paid.

Requirements (What you must provide to get Air Peace Refund)

  • PNR:

Check the top of your ticket, you will see the ticket PNR. It is a mixture of letters and number e.g AHB3Y4 something like that.

  • Reason For The Refund:

Tell them why you want a refund. Maybe because you cancelled your trip or you have something else to attend to that need your urgent attention.

  • Your Account Name: 
  • Account Number:
  • Bank Name:

Scanned Letter of Authorization ID card from the Passenger: [That is if another person is facilitating the refund on behalf of the passenger on the ticket].

After you provide all the above, send the details to Air Peace. This is the Air Peace refund Email Address callcenter@flyairpeace.com you can use “TICKET REFUND” as the email subject.

After you send the mail, you will wait for 4 weeks that’s approximately a month to get the refund money.

Now, let me say this, these 4 weeks mentioned may exceed the 4 weeks. If the 4 weeks is over, you can send a reminder to the airline letting them know you have not received your refund.

What If The Airline (Air peace) Cancel The Flight?

Anytime a flight is cancelled or delayed longer than necessary, you are entitled to a full refund by Air Peace. Many travellers don’t know this. If you are rescheduled to a later flight that is not convenient for you, ask for a full refund. Write to Air peace if your flight is delayed longer than it should and you are moved to another time that would make you miss your appointment, ask for a refund immediately.

There are instances where an Airline can cancel a flight for example, terrorism threats, bad weather condition, aircraft damage etc.

Consider A flight Change Instead of A refund

Yes, a flight change may be better than a refund. If you’re a frequent traveller, I would advise you go for a flight change instead of a refund. A flight change is not expensive as you may think. some may require a fee and the fare difference fee between the two flights. Sometime, you can do a change free of change. For instance if the flight you want to rebook to is less expensive than the one you booked before, you will get a voucher. You can use the voucher whenever you want to book another flight.   

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  1. Nice article, seem exactly what i am currently experiencing so i had to google to see if there’s similar experiences out there and this ryhms. #eraOsa

  2. Juliana lgiri Anozeng Reply

    I was supposed to travel to Abuja from Calabar in April, 2019 but I did not travel again.
    I want my money refunded.
    I had sent a mail last week

    • kindly follow up the refund via email or visit Arik Office. The truth is arik hardly refund customers.

  3. Ishola babatunde Samuel Reply

    I suppose to travel to Dubai on 14th of April next month but flight as been cancelled. Since the airline cancelled this trip, are they going to refund my money fully without charges?


    • You will get a refund from the airline. Since the airline cancelled the flight, you can apply for a refund.

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