How Nigerians Can Get Morocco Visa with Ease

How Nigerians Can Get Morocco Visa with Ease - The easiest ways Nigerians can get a Morocco visa

Getting a Morocco visa as a Nigerian is a very difficult task and in this post, I will show you how Nigerians can get a Morocco visa with ease. Morocco is certainly one of the most visited countries in North Africa and Africa at large. 

The first thing you need to note is that Morocco is not a free visa country for Nigerians which means, you will need a visa before you will be allowed to enter Morocco as a Nigerian. There are different reasons Nigerians go to Morocco. Common reason includes tourism, business, events and conferences. Sometimes though not always, they travel to Morocco for educational purposes.

 Why It’s Difficult For Nigerians To Get A Morocco Visa

It’s difficult for Nigerians to get a Morocco visa because of the location of the country. Morocco is very close to Europe. Many Nigerians and other country citizens use the country as a Japa route to Europe via the Madeterian Sea. Because of this reason, getting a Morocco visa becomes difficult for Nigerians.

How to increase your chances of getting a Morocco visa as a Nigerian

There are three (3) things you can do to increase your chances of getting the visa. Getting any of the 3 below can still earn you a Morocco visa.

Buy a tour package

Lots of Nigerians apply for a tourist visa but they don’t show proof they are going for a tour. They don’t have any itinerary to present to the embassy to show that they are truly going on a tour. That’s why the embassy rejected their visa application.

So to increase your chances, buy a tour package from any of the trusted and registered Destination management companies (DMC). If you get a package from them, they will give you an invitation letter that can as a supporting document for your visa application. This invitation letter will be a boost and of course, the embassy may consider your application because of that.

Visa Top Countries In The World

Yes, Morocco loves applicants who have been to Europe, America and other top countries even South Africa. If you have been to the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, America, Schengen countries like France etc. The chances of getting a Morocco visa are very high if you have been to any of these top countries.

All these free visa countries or visa on arrival those no count much. They don’t consider applicants who have travelled to free visa countries or visa-on-arrival countries.   

Have A Good Paying Job

If you work in Nigeria and you have a good-paying job with a pay slip as evidence, your chances are very high. If you work in government ministries, agencies, parastatals or top companies like NNPC, Dangote etc. you can apply for a Morocco visa.

Kindly note that having all the above-mentioned notes means you will get a visa. The power to give a visa is at the discretion of the Morocco embassy.  

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Morocco visa requirements for Nigerians

  • Your International passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and unused visa pages
  • Two passport-sized photographs with a white background.
  • Photocopy of the data page of your passport.
  • Original copy of the valid visa
  • Latest financial institution statement
  • Evidence of hotel reservation for the duration of your stay in Morocco
  • Proof of group travel, if you are going in a group
  • Airline booking indicating the departure and arrival dates.
  • Recognized Travel insurance with at least 90 days of coverage.
  • Basic travelling allowance to cover your entire stay in Morocco.
  • Moroccan visa fees

Additional Requirements for Business Travellers

  • A letter of invitation from your business partner or the organisation inviting you.
  • Photocopy of the company’s certificate of incorporation.
  • Photocopy of your tax return

If you are invited to Morocco:

  • A letter of invitation from the person inviting you with a written declaration of your relationship to the person.
  • Photocopy of the person’s resident card or data page of his/her international passport.
  • Proof of accommodation if you plan to stay with the person
  • Proof of his/her financial capacity to accommodate and take care of your needs.
  • Your tax clearance.

If you will be attending a conference:

  • Invitation from the organizers of the event
  • If you’re a governmental worker: Your Mission Order

Journalist travelling for work:

  • Prior approval from the governmental authority in charge of Communication
  • Approval to film in Morocco from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • A list of all the filming equipment you’re bringing with you

If you are travelling to attend a cultural or sporting event:

  • Invitation from the Moroccan department organizing the event
  • In case the organization is a private one, the invitation has to be endorsed by the relevant Ministry

Medical treatment in Morocco:

  • Your medical certificate
  • Proof you can afford the hospital costs
  • Proof of admission into the Moroccan hospital

For all Morocco long-stay visas:

  • Proof of long-term accommodation in Morocco, such as a tenancy agreement or student housing
  • Criminal record, obtained from police authorities in your country of residence
  • A medical certificate, proving you are medically fit
  • For Morocco Work Visa:
  • Copies of your employment contract, certified by the Ministry of Education

Morocco Student Visa:

  • Proof of enrollment into the educational institution
  • Proof of paid tuition fees
  • Proof of your financial means during the study period
  • Letter from a guarantor in Morocco, stating they will cover your accommodation and financial expenses and cover your repatriation costs, if necessary.

Morocco Family Visa:

  • Proof of family relationship, such as a marriage certificate for spouses, birth certificate for parents-children, etc.

Flights to Morocco from Nigeria

There is a direct flight from Lagos to Casablanca, Morocco and connection flights from Abuja and Lagos to Morocco. Roya Air Maroc is a Morocco airline and they fly daily from Lagos to Casablanca.

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