How I spent N6,000 On A Three-day Vacation To Calabar

How I spent N6,000 On A Three-day Vacation To Calabar

So, last time I posted a report on my trip to Calabar. Today, I will be revealing to you how I spent 6,000 on a three-day vacation to Calabar. Yea! That’s true. I actually spent just N6,000 (Six Thousand naira) to tour round Calabar, Cross Rivers State. I started from the Calabar museum (old residence) to Marina resorts to the Margaret Ekpo International airport and finally the Tinapa business resorts.

You cannot deny the fact that Calabar is one of the best tourist’s destinations in Nigeria and Africa at large. Cross Rivers State is richly blessed with a lot of tourist attractions that are capable of attracting tourist from within and outside Nigeria. The Calabar carnival is currently the biggest street party in African. Obudu mountain resort is another planet in Nigeria.

How I spent N6,000 On A Three-day Vacation To Calabar
Tinapa Water Park

You don’t really need to have millions in your bank account before you embark on a vacation. With little money, you’re good to go. I will be dropping some few tips on how to embark on a vacation with little cash.

Visit nearby Attractions

You don’t need to visit Dubai to have a perfect holiday. I bet you if you visit Obudu Mountain Resorts you will never think of coming back. To be frank with you, there are a lot of attractions in Obudu a lot that will hold you ransom lolz. Every state in Nigeria is blessed with more than one tourist’s attractions. Just look around you will see a perfect destination within you. I would suggest Calabar, Bauchi Lagos, Enugu, Jos etc

Group Travel

Another means of reducing cost is by travelling in a group. This is the secret behind how I spent 6,000 on a three-day vacation to Calabar. I travelled with my course mates. You can organise a group tour with your friends or family members. Travelling alone is more expensive than when you travel in a group.

How I spent N6,000 On A Three-day Vacation To Calabar
Resorts (Slave Trade Museum)
Avoid Luxury Hotel

Avoid luxury hotels; resist every temptation that may come your way. You don’t need to stay in luxury hotel my dear. If you have a family member staying around why not go there and spend 3 nights with them. Call your old school mates tell them you’re coming over to spend 3 nights with them. They may even feed you for the 3 days you’re going to stay with them. But that does not stop you from going to any luxury hotel to take pictures *Wink* (Lol).

NO Shopping

No shopping, no buying. Close your eyes, my dear friend. Your there for sightseeing, not shopping festival.

Avoid Photographers

My dear use your smartphone camera. Run away from photographers. You can use the money for another thing. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, tell your friends to snap you with their phones later you will collect it.

How I spent N6,000 On A Three-day Vacation To Calabar
My Course Mates in front of school Our Bus
Use public Transport

Last year I met a taxi man, I asked him how much he will carry me from Victoria Island to TBS he said N1,300 I shout eh/ something of N100. Don’t go and be forming big boss use public transport after all nobody is seeing you.

Course Mates in front of school bus
Local Food – Bole
Eat Local delicacy

Some hotel can be very funny, ordinary rice and stew will answer one big name. Enjoy local foods, they are delicious and nutritious. Not only that, it will also count as an experience. When I visited Calabar I never spend a dime in the hotel I lodge apart from the accommodation. I will just cross the road ask mama Ngozi to add plantain and small beans with 2 (two) meats lolz. You understand na. With N500 I am good to go. You see how I spent N6,000 on a three-day vacation to Calabar.

Side of Lakeside Hotel

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