How to Get the Best and the Cheapest Travel Insurance

I wrote an article on insurance last time and I stated the importance of travel insurance and the different types of travel insurance. But the big question now is how can someone get the best and the cheapest travel insurance?

One thing you should note is that the price of travel insurance varies. The price depends on the coverage and the type of travel insurance you need. There are different coverages of travel insurance such as baggage or cancellation insurance, medical etc. Whenever you are traveling abroad you will surely need travel insurance, always choose the right coverage you needs.

In order to get the best and the cheapest travel insurance, follow the under listed simple steps

• Plan Your Insurance Policy.

Planning will assist you in identifying the type of coverage you want and that will save your money because insurance companies will try to give you unnecessary coverage. Know the type of coverage you want and go for it.

• Check Special travel insurance policies.

There are special insurance policies especially for the seniors (from 65 years above). Always check if there is a discount available for you. When you are traveling with your family, it is advisable you avoid buying insurance individually because it can be cost effective but cheaper when you buy family insurance.

• Know what you are paying for

Only a few people take their time to read terms and conditions before applying for anything. For your own good, always read whatsoever print that will be giving to you. So that you will know what you are paying for before you pay for what is not relevant to you.

• Consult travel insurance expert.

In the medical field, they will always tell you to see your doctor if a cough persists for three days. In travel field, I will tell you to consult your travel insurance company whenever you want to do any of the following, travel abroad for medical treatment and you want to cancel your trip for any reason best known to you. Consult your travel insurance company for advice and guiding. Sometimes you may have already been covered in your destination country and there is no need to purchase another on.

• Consult travel agents and compare price

Consult different travel agents and get their different prices for travel insurance. Also on your own conduct a research to get your own travel insurance price. There are hundreds of insurance company’s website you can use to research to find out the different prices on travel insurance and then finally compare the different prices to get the best deal.

• You cannot make a claim without insurance.

You cannot make a claim for cancellation, loss of baggage etc. if you book a trip without including travel insurance. It is advisable to apply for travel insurance once you booked your trip

• Choose between annual or single-trip travel insurance Plan

Basically, we have two types of travel insurance plan namely annual travel insurance and single trip travel insurance. Depending on the number of times you want to travel for instance if you want to travel for 3 or more times in a year, annual travel insurance would be nice as it will give you a better deal. But if you will be going on a small travels let’s say 2 times in a year, single trip insurance may be advisable as it will give you a better deal.


  • • Keep all of your travel insurance documents in a safe place.
    • Keep your travel insurance handy.
    • In order to get reimbursed as soon as possible, file the necessary claims and other important documents.

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