From Train To Plane: A First Timer Funny Travel Experience

An Instagram user with the name Onyilimba Stanley Stankovicss iamstankovicss has shared his experience of travelling with two different modes of transportations. It was indeed the most memorable moment in his life. He started with the train and thereafter, fulfils his dream of travelling in an aircraft by flying one of the domestic airlines in Nigeria, Air Azman.

According to Onyilimba, he enjoyed his Abuja – Kaduna train as he gives kudos to the management and the federal government. The flight experience was out of this world. He narrated how he was unable to use the lavatory because a beautiful lady sitting next to him.

His mind skipped when the plane hits turbulence. Since it is his first time, everything was like a dream to him considering how big an aircraft is.

From Train To Plane: A First Timer Funny Travel Experience
Abuja – Kaduna train seat

And I decided to travel by train ?  today for the first time in my life … Aswear RuGahhd it was Zagazaciously and Uvuguvaciously awesome….well organized, management was so on point…. The one wey sweet me pass na the A/C. Cold won kiiii me inside train. I have one thing to say…. This project should be executed nationwide… I don’t phorking care if it’s PDP, APC or any other party that is in government…. All I want is.. Do the right thing…… For Your Information… That train has CCTV cameras in it.

After experiencing traveling by TRAIN. I decided to shame my village people by trying the senior brother… Which is travelling by Air. Brethren I am not here to show off or intimidate anybody… But I want to tell you what happened to me today.

From Train To Plane: A First Timer Funny Travel Experience
Onyilimba Stanley Stankovicss on board Air Azman flight

It’s my first time traveling by Air… And I must talk…. God knows I have phobia for height, when I got to the Airport… As a JJC… ??? I met one of the staff and told him… Sir this is my first time and he said don’t worry I will help you with everything (lesson to learn… Don’t be forming ITK when u know you don’t know shiiiingbain.

Immediately the plane commot from ground (i.e take off) I almost call one of the air hostels make she show me where toilet dey make I SHIT and piss because fear won kiii meee…. But brethren I could not… Because one fine Software (fine girl) sit down near me…. For my mind I say… I can’t disgrace myself in front of this fine babe.

I brought out my phone searched for HALLEYAH by Johnny drille Ft Simi. Even though we were told to turn off our mobile phone. Yet I was still filling very uncomfortable AF.

Where fear won come finish my destiny na when the plane start to shake and vibrate because of the cloud ☁..and then I began to sweat inside A/C the babe sitting close to me then turned and asked me, ARE YOU OKAY?…. and I replied YES with a fake smile. UMU NNEM, I never knew cloud could shake aero plane as big as it is…. As in it was As if I was in another planet…..u see this cloud you are seeing Eehhh… We pass am enter another place WEY I no fit explain. May be it’s even planet Jupiter ….Yinmu

Let me not even talk about when we were about to land….. that would be story for another day. But Las Las… It was an awesome experience traveling by ✈ ✈… Thanks to UNCLE P for making it possible … And thanks to airazman For the nice treat. Una coffee make sense.

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