Flights’ booking mistakes that can shambles or ruin your Trip (And Solution)

Airfares are usually expensive. It doesn’t matter if you are on a business or pleasure trip. Booking flight requires the application of wisdom. It is not something you wake up and start doing just because you have the money and a good internet connection. I can agree with you that mistake is inevitable but there are some certain things you can do to reduce mistake. So, I will be sharing some flights’ booking mistakes that can shambles or ruin your trip (And Solution). Hope this will help you when next you’re booking a flight.

Flights’ booking mistakes that can shambles or ruin your Trip (And Solution)
Booking Flights
Mistake: Not Using Alternative Airport

Solution: One thing most travellers don’t know is, different airport have different charges. Some airports are more costly than the others. There is more than one airport in a country. Using one particular airport will not do you any good.

I was planning Easter holiday trip one day for my client who based in Abuja, Nigeria. He asked me to check Dubai, Kenya and South Africa. Thereafter, he will select one. Since he based in Abuja, I used Abuja-Dubai-Abuja for flight booking. After checking the fare, I decided to use Lagos instead of Abuja (Lagos-Dubai-Lagos).

I found out 2 things. First, it will be cheaper to travel from Lagos instead of Abuja. Secondly, he can move from Abuja to Lagos, then From Lagos to Dubai, Kenya or South Africa and he will still save money than moving directly from Abuja. Therefore, it is advisable you try alternative airports.

Mistake: Not clearing your browser cookies

Solution: This is one of the flights’ booking mistakes that can shambles or ruins your Trip. This is a top secret. You may not know this, flight booking sites track all your browsing activities. They know when you search website A or B and the price you got. So, when you come to their own website they will raise or reduce the money and you will be like OMG the price has change.

There are three things to do before checking fares online.

  1. Use different computers
  2. Browser under incognito mode
  3. Clear cookies and cache
Mistake: Booking on the wrong day or time.

Solution: Another flights’ booking mistakes that can shambles or ruin your trip is booking on the wrong day or time. Normally, when you search for a fare online, you will see the different price for different dates. That is to say, ticket price fluctuates. There is no specific price.

I have heard some experts saying, the best day and time to book for flight and get less expensive flight ticket is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday between 1 – 4 am (using Airline time zone). This is because all the tickets that were not purchased or cancelled by the airline return back to airline’s system.

If your trip is not urgent why not adjust your travelling date. You might get a better fare.

Mistake: Booking too early or Too Late

Solution: Both early and late booking has its own positive and negative impacts. Booking websites are programmed to do some kind things. For example, you are likely to get a better deal if you book early or too late. Yea! That’s true.

According to experts, booking three to four months ahead of your departure date may get you a better fare. While booking late, on the other hand, can either get you a better fare or a higher fare? For instance, if the plane is not filled before departure time, the airline will reduce fare to attract passengers.

Flights’ booking mistakes that can shambles or ruin your Trip (And Solution)
Booking Flights
Mistake: Using the Wrong Website

Solution: There are many booking search engines one can use when booking flight tickets. These websites combine flights from different airlines, of cause they are good and convenient when comparing and booking flights.

However, it is pertinent for you to know that you are going to be charged extra (hidden) for booking through them because they are the third party. The only remedy is booking directly from the airlines by visiting the airlines online booking platform or contacting the airline head office.

Mistake: Not adding Accumulated Miles or Points.

Solution: For frequent travels, don’t forget to add the huge miles you have accumulated when booking your next flight. There are also points or coupon codes that are usually given to airline loyal members. I wrote an article on how the reward programme works.

You can also subscribe to airlines newsletters. Airlines usually send out coupon codes to subscribers. With the coupon code, you are entitled to some discounts. It cost nothing to join. It’s free of charge to subscribe to newsletters.

These mistakes are usually overlooked by many travellers. Any of the aforementioned mistakes can mar your trip. Try and avoid all the mistakes because it will help you to save money when booking your next flight.

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