FG Rebuffs Public Servants Must Fly Nigeria Air Report

Contrary to what some major media houses in Nigeria and Channels Television reported that public servants must fly Nigeria Air, the minister of State for Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika, has denied the report that public servants must fly Nigeria Air and described it as false. The minister who stated that his primary duty as a minister is to make policy that will promote business, provide service and employ people, said that he did not refer to Nigeria Air, rather all registered Nigerian carriers.

In a tweet sent out via his twitter handle, the minister said that the government will not kill other local carriers instead, the will promote them.

The information on Channels TV is not correct. I never said public servants must fly Nigeria Air. If there will be such a policy, it will be to fly all Nigerian registered carriers. The intention of Government is to promote businesses not to kill them.

On the promotion of Nigerian carriers and to make it viable, Sen. Hadi Sirika, said his ministry is planning to send a Fly Nigeria Act to the National Assembly in order to achieve their object of promoting Nigerian Carriers. The minister also said that the act will compel all public servants travelling on the public fund to use any Nigerian carrier excerpt in the case where the route is not served by any Nigerian Carrier.

However, any public servant who wishes to travel with his/her personal money is at liberty to travel with any airline of his/her choice. The act is just for those travelling on public fund.

As part of efforts to make airlines viable in Nigeria, the ministry is making moves to have the National Assembly pass a fly Nigeria act. This act will require that anybody travelling on a ticket bought with public funds must travel on a Nigerian carrier unless the route is not served by a Nigerian carrier. However, with your private funds, you can do as you like. Many countries including America has such as Act.

There are about 8 (eight) active Nigerian carriers at the moment pending till when Nigeria Air will join. The active Nigerian carriers are Air Peace, Dana Air, Air Contractor, Azman, Arik, First Nation, Overland and Max Air.

What is your take on this? Will the public servant obey the new act?

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