Ethiopian Airlines Suspends Nigeria to Dubai Flights

The Ethiopian flagship, Ethiopian Airlines has suspended their Abuja, Nigeria flights to Dubai until further notice. This flights suspension is coming less than 24 hours after the airline announced flight resumption from Abuja to Dubai for passengers with a tourist visa.

Recall that Ethiopian Airlines recently started flights operations from Abuja to Dubai for citizens and residents. Yesterday, the airline also announced that they have resumed flights operations for passengers with a tourist visas. According to Ethiopian Airlines, the passengers will have a long layover in Addis Ababa. During the layover, the passengers will pay USD 30 for the antigen test.

With this new announcement, all Ethiopian airline flight activities to Dubai from Nigeria have been suspended until further notice. The flights suspended include both the flight operation for residents and citizens alone and the flight operations for passengers with a tourist visa.

Ethiopian Airlines did not state any reason for the flight suspension.

Unconfirmed Reasons

Sagetravels learnt that Ethiopian Airlines return passengers on their Abuja to Dubai bound flight yesterday. According to the source, the passengers were returned from Addis Ababa to Abuja after the airline got a memo instructing the passengers from Abuja to be returned to Nigeria.

Other Travel Options

Following this suspension, passengers can explore and travel through other countries like Ghana, Cotonou and so on provided they are willing to follow the already established protocol that is 14-day mandatory quarantine outside Nigeria.

Cost of Flight Tickets

The cost of a flight ticket is subject to change at any time. Seat availability determines the cost of a flight ticket and as passengers book, the price changes. We can assist you to check the cost of a flight ticket from any country to Dubai.

Visa Age Limit Rumor

We are yet to confirm the Dubai visa age limit and new requirements issues affecting visa issuance.

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