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Ethiopian Airlines Resumes Abuja To Dubai Flights For Tourists

The leading airline in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines has resumed Abuja, Nigeria to Dubai flights for passengers with tourist Visa.

According to the statement shared by Ethiopian airlines, passengers that has tourist visa can fly from Abuja, Nigeria to Dubai provided they agree to the conditions stated by the airline.

In the email, Ethiopian airlines stated that passengers with tourist visas will pay USD 30 for the antigen test, passengers will fly from Abuja only and also they will be a stopover at Addis Ababa.

It’s my pleasure to inform you that Ethiopian Airlines have started carrying tourist visas to Dubai starting from last week Saturday.

Below are the conditions for passengers with tourist visas.

Abuja To Dubai Only

Passengers can only fly from Abuja to Dubai. For now, Ethiopian Airlines does not fly from Lagos or any other airport in Nigeria to Dubai. The airline will decide when other airports will resume flights operation. The airline did not state when Lagos or other international airports in Nigeria will join Nigeria to Dubai flights.

Layover Flight

The flight you will book from Addis Ababa to Dubai will be a layover flight. Passengers will stay at the airport till the next day to connect to the Dubai flight. The Abuja to Dubai flight on Ethiopian Airlines is not a direct flight. There will be a stopover at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

Antigen Test

Passengers will fill an indemnity form that they will do the antigen test at Addis Ababa for 30 dollars.

Covid~19 Test

Passengers will still do the covid~19 test 48 hours before flight departure. Kindly use an approved laboratory for your covid~19 test.


14 Days Mandatory Quarantine Removed.

There are no 14 days mandatory quarantine Emirates announced. The only delay here is the long layover at Addis Ababa.

Cost Of Flight Ticket From Abuja to Dubai

The cost of a flight ticket depends on your travel date. Another thing to note is the price of a flight ticket fluctuates. To get the cost a flight ticket, you need to have a travel date. With a travel date, it will be easy to have an idea of how much you will pay.

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What Is Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is a type of visa that tourist secure to enter a country for the purpose of business, relaxation and recreation. In other words, tourist visa is a visa given to people that wants a temporary stay. In the united Arab Emirates, tourists are entitled to 14 days visa, 30 days visa, 90 days visa and 180 days visa.

What About Vaccinnation?

Passengers with tourist visa does not need to present vaccination certificate before flying with Ethiopian Airline.

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