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Emirates: Nigeria & UAE Reach An Agreement On Travel Guidelines

The Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) has announced the possible flight resumption from Nigeria to Dubai as the Nigerian government and the United Arab Emirates authorities reached an agreement to review the Covid-19 travel protocol guidelines between the two countries.   

On Monday 15 November 2021 during the Presidential Steering Committee meeting in Abuja, National Incidence Manager Mr Mukhtar Mohammed disclosed that both Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates has agreed to review the covid-19 guidelines and agreed to follow the conditions enacted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Mr Mukhtar Mohammed explained that Nigeria has succumbed to the conditions first posed by the federal government and described it as discriminatory to maintain harmony.

The Last Emirates Travel Requirements For Passengers From Nigeria

Below are the Emirates travel requirements for passengers from Nigeria. Since both parties have agreed to review the guidelines, we hope that they will provide a friendly travel protocol for passengers from Nigeria.

  1. The number of passengers on inbound flights to the UAE must not exceed 200 passengers for two weeks.
  2. Only direct flights between the UAE and Nigeria are allowed.
  3. Passengers need to present a valid negative PCR test conducted within 48 hours before boarding.
  4. Provide the embassy with an updated list of the approved PCR test centre by the government of the federal republic of Nigerian.
  5. The importance of ensuring the accuracy of the passengers’ information, contact details and place of stay during their stay in UAE.

Recalled that Emirates flight was suspended since March 17 2021 over the covid-19 testing disagreement between the two countries.

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