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Emirates May Resume Nigeria To Dubai Flights On May 1st

This is not a verified update or a confirmation that the flight will resume on the 1st of May 2021. As part of our effort to keep you updated on the latest news concerning flights from Nigeria to the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), we checked the Emirates Airlines website for updates on the flights from Nigeria to Dubai, we noticed that there is a change and update on the website.

We checked flight on the Emirates website from Lagos, Nigeria to Dubai in April but there was no flight availability. We got a message saying there is no itinerary for the date we selected.   

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Sorry, we were unable to price the selected itinerary. Please try different dates or fare combinations, or get in touch with us(the link opens in a new window) for assistance.

When we checked flight availability on the Emirates booking platform from May 1st, we noticed that there is an itinerary from Lagos, Nigeria to Dubai starting from May 1st onward.

Emirates flights availability from Nigeria to Dubai

We tried to make a booking from may 1st, we did not encounter any challenge with the booking process. Everything went well until the payment stage where we stopped the booking process.

We tried the same booking using Amadeus (A booking platform used by travel agents to make flight bookings), we were about to price the itinerary and everything was okay. We tried April 30th, we got a message saying


As we write, there is no confirmation that the flight will resume on May 1st. Emirates is still telling travellers’ that there is no flight available. According to Emirates Support, flights to and from Nigeria is still suspended until further notice. 

Hi, we still don’t have any broadcast that the flights are operating. As for the current update, our flights are suspended until further notice.

If Emirates airline resumes flight from Nigeria to Dubai, that means other airlines like Air Peace will resume too. For now, we cannot say exactly when the flight will resume but we promise to keep you update with the latest update.

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