Eleven (11) Itinerary Planning Tips For Your First Trip To Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. There are 36 states in Nigeria, all of them have different unique cultural heritage. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups. There are different types of tourist attractions in Nigeria, ranging from natural (Such as beach, mountain, landscape etc.), artificial, cultural, festival etc. Nigeria local delicacy is simply the best.

It is unfortunate that many travellers don’t prefer Nigeria as their destination. Nigeria has been bombarded with negative imagery from terrorism to conflict “ethnic”, disease and much more.

Personally, I welcome you to Nigeria. For those that are visiting for the first time, everything may seem scary but don’t worry you will enjoy your trip. It is advisable you plan. Below are the things you need to do if you are coming to Nigeria for the first time. 

Eleven (11) Itinerary Planning Tips For Your First Trip To Nigeria
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Research about Nigeria

There are 36 (thirty-six) states in Nigeria excluding the capital territory. The first thing you need to do as a first-time visitor is to research about Nigeria. Research on the modes of transportations, where to stay, where to eat, where to visit, what to do, entry/exit requirements, currency and much more. 

Don’t guess

When I am travelling to a new place, I will be imaging how the place would look like. Sometimes I assume it will be like this and that, at the end, I will see something different from my imagination. 

I know you must have read so many articles online about Nigeria and you’re now wondering how Nigeria look like. Coming to Nigeria may be the best trip for you this year or otherwise depending. I would recommend you to channel your energy and strength in looking for the best destination in Nigeria. 

Eleven (11) Itinerary Planning Tips For Your First Trip To Nigeria
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Plan your budget

Nigeria is one of the cheapest countries to visit. Please note that cheap does not mean free. You need to create your own budget as soon as possible. To avoid disappointment, when planning your budget, there are things you need to put into consideration. Things like

  • Accommodation (Do you want cheap or luxury accommodation)
  • Modes of transportation (Flight, train, public transport and taxi)
  • Food (What to eat)
  • Entrance fee
Entry/exit requirements (Visa/Passport)

You need a valid passport and visa to enter Nigeria except those from ECOWAS countries. Visit the Nigeria embassy website for more up-to-date information. Make sure all your travel documents are complete before coming to Nigeria.

Pick your destinations

Nigeria is a country with many tourist attractions. There are so many places to visit. Do you have any festival in mind you want to attend or avoid? Would you like to visit natural attractions? Do you want to go mountain hiking? There are many artificial attractions etc. pick destinations in you must visit list

I have been to Calabar and Abuja, the experience is unforgettable. 

Eleven (11) Itinerary Planning Tips For Your First Trip To Nigeria

After picking a particular destination, the next is booking (Flight, hotel, cab and other services). There is no specific price for flights coming to Nigeria, the fare fluctuates. The fares vary from one airline to another and the date and time you chose can affect the fare. Book your flight on time to get a better deal. 

Hint: The top travel agencies in Nigeria are Wakanow, Jumia Travels, travel start, Reeny Travels

You need a place to stay when you visit Nigeria. Therefore, you need to book accommodation before coming. There are cheap and expensive hotels in Nigeria. It is now left for you to choose the one you want to stay in.

Hint: The top hotel booking search engine in Nigeria are Jumia Travels, hotelng

Book your transfer to and from the airport. You need a cab to visit some local places. There are places you may need a bike to explore. You can also use the local or public transport because it is usually cheap and affordable. 

There is a train service in some parts of the country. If there is a train in the destination you choose, you can book your ticket online. 

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is necessary because of unforeseen contingencies. Don’t say I am healthy, so, therefore, I don’t need travel insurance. Travel insurance is one of the documents many travellers often overlook. I love what Schengen countries are doing. Before you get a Schengen visa you must have insurance. There are different types of insurance you can buy. 

There is cancellation insurance for any flight cancellation; the insurance will come to your aid. The medical insurance, however, will cover you in the case of emergency. You might need medical help in Nigeria. 

After making payment for your trip, the next payment should go for your insurance.

Package your bag let’s go

Many people are fond of packing a day before departure. This act is wrong and unprofessional. You need to pack at least 7 – 3days before departure. When you are packing put the weather into consideration. If you are visiting Nigeria during raining season, you need to bring your rain coat. Before you leave, check your packing list to make sure everything you need is intact. Pack wisely and most importantly, pack light. 

When you come to Nigeria

Learn some Nigeria slang

This part is optional but if you can learn, try to learn some slang. Nigerians will definitely laugh at your pronunciation. 

Dress Properly 

One sunny afternoon, I was going to one popular market (Idumota Market) in Lagos. I saw people shouting and yelling at one beautiful damsel. I was like, what is going on there, as I got closer I found out that she was almost n**ed. C’mon, she drew unnecessary and negative attention for herself. 

It was really embarrassing. If you are coming to Nigeria, dress properly especially women. Those that like where bum short, spaghetti, etc. don’t wear anything that will expose your body to avoid embarrassment and negative attention. 


If you are coming to Nigeria, be vigilant, be security conscious and stay alerted. Don’t go out alone at night. Watch all your belongings.

For now, I would recommend you not to travel to the North Eastern part of Nigeria because to the security situation over there. 

Have you been to Nigeria? What is your favourite state or destination? What advice/Tips do you have for those that want to visit Nigeria? Fellow Nigerian, where would you recommend for our visitors. You can use the comment for any question and suggestions.  

featured Photos Credit: www.pixabay.com 

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