Easter Promo: Dana Air Offers One Free Flight Ticket

Easter Promo: Dana Air Offers One Free Flight Ticket

Dana Air has announced one free ticket for passengers that buy and use 2 of the airline flight ticket to travel.

In the “Buy 2 tickets and Get 1 Free” promo, the airline listed some terms and conditions associated with the Easter Promo.

The Dana Air Free Ticket Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions attached to the Dana Air “Buy 2 tickets and Get 1 Free” Easter Promo.

  1. Buy two tickets and get one FREE – This means passengers must buy 2 tickets to qualify for a free ticket. To be on the safe side, we advise you to book the 2 tickets in a separate booking reference number. For instance, if you have 2 passengers, book them separately.
  2. The 2 tickets purchased must be used/flown to redeem the free ticket. – You must travel with the ticket before you will be qualified to get a free ticket. Booking a far date ahead may not work here.
  3. To redeem the free ticket, passengers will send a mail to the airline. Passengers are expected to include the 2 ticket booking details (Booking Reference Number/PNR) in the email. Email Address – [email protected]The free ticket is valid till May 2022. Anything after May means the ticket is invalid.
  4. The free ticket is not refundable and can be modified to any date by upgrading to a full economy fare. The one free ticket is a promo ticket and promo tickets come with strict rules. You should choose a date you are sure of travel. Any modification will require an upgrade and upgrades attracts extra money.

How To Book Dana Air Flight Ticket

Dana Air has one of the easiest booking platforms. To book, passengers can book on the airline website or use a trusted and reliable travel agency like us (Sage Travels) to book the flight.

Promo End Date

The airline did not state when the promo will end.

Refund Rules

Passengers cannot get a refund on the free ticket. Passengers will not get a free ticket if they place any of the tickets on a refund.

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