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Dubai: UAE Suspends Nigeria & 5 Others Until 31 July

Emirates Airlines has officially announced flight suspension from Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja) to Dubai until July 31, 2021. Emirates mentioned government directives in the official statement as the reason for the flight resumption date extension.

Emirates also noted that passengers that have been to or connected through Nigeria in the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates. Before a passenger that has been to Nigeria in the last 14 days will be allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates, the passenger must stay outside Nigeria for at least 14 days.

The statement reads:

In line with government directives, passenger flights to and from Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja) are suspended until 31 July 2021. Customers travelling to and from Lagos and Abuja will not be accepted for travel. Customers who have been to or connected through Nigeria in the last 14 days are not permitted to board from any other point to the UAE.

Nigeria, South Africa and 4 other countries were affected by the government directives. Passengers from the affected countries have to wait until 31 July before they will be allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates.

Recalled that this is not the first time Emirates airline has changed the flight resumption date. The Dubai-based airline first announced 28 February 2021 as the flight resumption date. Before the announced date, the airline moved the date to March 2021. Emirates moved the date again from March to June and now July.

As it stands now, 31 July may be a tentative date. If everything goes as planned, Emirates may resume flights on the 31st July 2021 or extend to a later date as they wish.

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