Covid-19: Nigerians Deported From Dubai

This is exactly what we always emphasizing here on Sagetravels. Do the right thing, avoid shortcuts. Follow the already established rules and you will be fine. We confirmed from a source that the United Arab Emirates banned due to the high number of fake covid-19 PCR test certificate presented by Nigerians.

Because of the high cost of the covid-19 PCR test in Nigeria, many decided to opt for the illegal and fake certificate which is cheaper and affordable for them.

With the increasing number of fake result, the United Arab Emirates authorities placed a ban on all flights from or transiting through Nigeria. In a statement obtained by Sagetravels, all passengers from or transiting through Nigeria in the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter the Emirates.

Due to this ban, many travellers were left stranded. The only option or solution for a traveller from Nigeria is to stay a minimum of 14 days outside Nigeria before they will be allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates.

Travelling from a Neighboring Country To Dubai as a Nigerian

We talked about this travelling from another country to Dubai on Sagetravels. We listed the necessary steps and requirements. We admonished all travellers from Nigeria to travel to a neighbouring country like Ghana, Cotonou etc. we advise passengers to use flight to get the proper stamp at the airport in Nigeria and another at the neighbouring country airport.

When you get there, lodge in a hotel, stay in the hotel for a minimum of 14 days before you leave the country to Dubai. We encouraged all to use the approved lab for the covid-19 test and make sure they present the original certificated. Everything is so simple and straight.

Why Nigerians were deported from Dubai

We learned that many Nigerians that travelled through the neighbouring countries were repatriated from the United Arab Emirates. According to the source, the passengers were denied entry due to irregularities, forgery and fraudulent activities from the point of departure.

Many of them used a fake stamp on their passport. The passengers did not observe the 14days quarantine at the point of departure before departing. We heard from different sources that there are agents that can backdate a stamp on a passport. 

Travellers paid the so-called agents to assist them with a fake stamp on their passport. They were not lucky because the United Arab Emirates Authorities dictated the unauthorized/fake stamp on the passport. All the passengers involved in this fraudulent act were deported back to the point of departure.

The United Arab Emirates Authorities are giving Nigeria passengers special attention because many of them decided to misbehave or try to play smart.   

What is the best way to enter Dubai?  

The best way is to wait for the flight services from Nigeria to the United Arab Emirates to resume or travel through any other country. If you opt to use another country, stay in the country for a minimum of 14 days before taking another flight to the United Arab Emirates.

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