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Cally Air Starts 17,000 Flight To Calabar From Abuja & Lagos

The Cross Rivers State airline, Cally Air, has resumed flights operation in collaboration with Aero Contractor’s Company Ltd. Cally Air is owned by the Cross River State government but currently managed by the Aero Contractor’s Company Ltd.

The Cross Rivers State Government opted to use Aero because of the airline’s safety history and experience in the aviation industry. Secondly, the government decided to use Aero because of the long period it takes to get an AOC from the issuing authorities in Nigeria.

To avoid losing money, Aero Contractor’s Company Ltd will continue to manage the aircraft until when they are ready to standalone like other airlines in Nigeria.

“So after the AOC, we can now commence a full direct independent airline.”

What Does The Collaboration Mean?

What this collaboration means is that Aero Contractor’s Company Ltd will be flying Cally Air until when they get all the documents and become an independent airline. So far, Cally Air has started flying Lagos and Abuja from Calabar.

If you want to fly Cally Air, for now, you have to book Aero contractors’ flight tickets. Aero has added Calabar to the list of cities they fly to.

The cost of Cally Air Tickets

From now until the 10th of August, the cost of a flight ticket on Cally Air is NGN 18,600.00 for a one-way economy ticket. After the promo date, the price will increase to NGN 23,267.00 for a one-way economy ticket.

The cost of a one-way economy ticket can go as high as NGN 63,400.00 depending on the date you booked.

How To Book Cally Air

There are two ways you can book Cally Air. The first is via the AERO website and secondly, through a travel agent like us. All you need to do is to contact us then we will handle the booking process.

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