Book Green Africa Airways Flights From N12,000

The new and most affordable airline in Nigeria, Green Africa Airways has introduced another exciting flight fare to their customers. As a way of appreciating and celebrating their growing customers, the airline during the Customer service week announced a new class of fare for their customers.

Passengers can now travel with Green Africa for as low as 12,000 to any destination the airline operates. A check on the airline website by Sagetravels reviews that the 12,000 flight fare is available on all the airline destinations under the airline gSaver class of service.

Things To Note

  • The 12,000 flight fare is subject to seat availability. This means the fare can change anytime as passengers’ book the flight without prior notice.
  • You can only get the 12,000 when you book ahead (excluding peak periods like December).
  • You can book ahead without getting the 12,000 fares. This is possible because the flight fare is limited and it’s based on a first-come, first-serve.
  • This is a promo ticket. As at the time this article was published, Green Africa did not disclose when the promo will end.

Important Ticket Rules To Note

  • You can only change your ticket date and time 2 hours before the flight departure time. You will not be able to change your ticket again if it is less than 2 hours before the flight departure time. The ticket cannot be changed or refund in the case of a no-show. If you miss the flight, the ticket will be considered used and cannot be changed again or refunded.
  • You are allowed to carry a 7KG Cabin Baggage with dimensions: 55cm X 40cm X 24cm, (all-inclusive – Carry on purse/Handbag or Laptop, Trolley Bag or Backpack). If your luggage exceeds 7kg, you will be charged for the extra luggage.
  • Seats are auto-assigned but if you want a particular seat, you will pay a fee attached to that seat.
  • A name change is not allowed but you can change 3 characters of a name for free when you contact the airline. The character change at the airport is not for free.
  • Rerouting is not allowed. If you booked Lagos to Abuja, it cannot be changed to Abuja to Lagos or any other destination.

How To Book Green Africa Airways

There are 2 ways to book Green Africa. The first is through the airline website and the second is through a reliable travel agency like us (Sage Travels). We can assist you with your flight book. We offer professional and exceptional flight booking services. There is a service charge attached to our flight booking service if you want to use our professional service. 

When to Book Green Africa Airways 

The best time to book and get a cheap far is now. When you book 2 to 3 weeks ahead, there is a possibility that you will get something cheap and affordable.

Green Africa Airways Destinations

Green African currently flies up to 7 destinations in Nigeria. The Green African Routes/destinations are

  • Abuja
  • Akure
  • Enugu
  • Lagos
  • Ilorin
  • Port Harcourt
  • Owerri

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