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NATOP Partners with NIHOTOUR to Train members

Just as the quote by Geeta Iyengar “Knowledge has a beginning but no end” so was it demonstrated by the activity of the top leading body of tour operators in...

Zuma Rock Human Face, Mystic, or Fact?

If you live in Nigeria, you will agree with me that Zuma rock is a household name. As for me, way back in primary school, I learnt about it as...

How To Avoid Visa Denial Due To Insufficient Intent To Travel

Visa Series Part 1: Insufficient reasons explaining the intent of travel This article is inspired by my recent experience somewhere in Abuja, Nigeria. So, I went to this visa office...

See how Queen Ebele Enemchukwu described Akwaaba Travel Market

Having been in active service in the tourism and beauty industry for several years, Akwaaba is not new to her in any way. She has been consistent year in, year...

Best Museums I have Visited as a Tourist

Africa is a continent blessed with various cultural diversity. That alone will give you a clues of what visiting any museum within the continent will look like. And I find...
Mrs Peace Iyare at the World Tourism Day celebration

Dutse Alhaji Secret Cave Exposed At The 2022 World Tourism Day Celebration

Just as the saying goes, “There is nothing hidden under the sun”, such is the case of the cave we explored during the 2022 World Tourism Day celebration here in...

Lagos Tour 1: Museum and Library Experience

In my explorations as a tourist, I have visited more museums in total, as compared to any other kind of attraction. Notwithstanding the number visited so far, a lot more...

Badagry Tour Part 1: The Famous Slave Merchant Seriki Abass Williams

Seriki Abass Williams was originally from a village called Ijoga Orile in Ogun State, Nigeria. He was sold as a slave to one Abass at Dahomey Kingdom in Benin Republic....
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