Before You Go On A Vacation, Here Is Why You Should Take A Photo Of Your Home Appliances

Anyone going on a vacation has one thing in mind and that is relaxation. Going on a vacation is a time to relax, stay away from the day-to-day distractions and disturbances of work, school, and family. But you see, sometimes the concept does not work as planned. There’s this one thing called “Worry” that will always come around to interrupt your vacation.

There is a point for instance when we leave home for a vacation and you will begin to worry if you forgot to turn this off or on some things at home before leaving. There is always different between leaving home for a work and leaving home for a vacation.

kitchen- Credit Pixabay

When you leave home for a vacation, for instance, the process is a bit more difficult especially if you have not learned the art of parking right and light. Sometimes, one might even forget to recall whether he/she closed the door, much less locking the door. So, you will spend your whole day worrying about your door or maybe you accidentally left the television or other home appliances on even when you did not use any of them.

There’s always a solution to any problem. There is only one reliable way of answering the question of “Did I actually turn it off or on”. I am not talking about the popular home automation apps like SmartThings, Ninja Blocks, WeMo, Savant TrueControl, Nest, Control4 MyHome, Alarm etc that are like a check list reminding you to off you fridge, lock your door and other things.  No, though there are recommended.

Kitchen Interior – Credit Pixabay

The only solution or answer to “Did I actually turn it off or on” is by taking pictures of virtually everything in your home before going for a vacation. Before you step out for the much-anticipated vacation, first take like Ten Minutes and snap pictures of your oven, air conditioner, fridge, fireplace, stove and burners, windows, doors and lock, and much more.

The reason behind all this is to have a proof and a reference point whenever the “Did I actually turn it off or on” question pops up to interrupt your vacation. So whenever the state of things at home start bothering you in the midst of relaxation and jollification, you can turn to your phone or camera and flip through to see how things are.

This simple trick works great. Snap everything not just only the aforementioned appliances. You can snap the garage, kitchen, windows, doors, generator etc. keep the picture safe because it will really help you.



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