Is this The Most Beautiful Cabin Crew Uniform Ever In The Aviation Industry?

The leading Chinese airlines Hainan Airlines introduced its new cabin crew uniform designed by Laurence Xu at the Paris Couture Week Fall/Winter 2017 held at Paris InterContinental Hotel on the 4th of July, 2017. Apart from the Ettore Bilotta design uniform introduced last year by Etihad Airways, there has never been such beautiful, stylish and elegant in-flight couture like the new Hainan Airlines cabin crew uniform.

Hainan Airlines’ new uniform show in Paris

Since the inception of this airline in 1993, this is the fifth (5th) time the Airlines is restyling their uniform. The last time the airlines redesigned their uniform was in 2010. This latest uniform conglomerates a Western-style suit and the traditional Chinese dress, Cheongsam the women normally worn on formal occasion.

Hainan Airlines cabin crew

According to the airline, “Laurence Xu and Hainan Airlines went through 1,000 sketches and tried more than 100 samples before deciding on the final design.”

“Hainan Airlines and Laurence Xu seem to be a natural fit, and the styling is inherently elegant. Stylish, sophisticated, with a hint of fun, the airline uniform feels like it’s been taken out of the Jet set era and plunged into the modern world.” The Airlines added.

Hainan Airlines new uniform designed with aesthetic and modern elements

At the World Airline Awards held at Paris Air Show On 20th June 2017, Hainan Airlines was rated the ninth (9th) best airline and 10th in the cabin staff ranking category. Hainan Airlines is the fourth largest fleet and the largest private-owned air transport company in China.

Hainan Airlines Cabin crew
Is this The Most Beautiful Cabin Crew Uniform Ever In The Aviation Industry?
Hainan Airlines new uniform

The question is how practical the Hainan Airlines uniform is for the crew to perform their duties and services.

Do you think this uniform is a Hit or Miss?

Photo Credit Hainan Airlines

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