How to avoid pains during long journey: Seven (7) Things you must do.

Back and Neck Pains

How to avoid pains during long journey: Three (3) Things you must do – I remember the last time I embarked on a long journey from the eastern part of Nigeria to the west. It was my first time of travelling such a long distance by road. Apart from dullness I felt, all my born and joints were as if someone broke them. I felt all manner of pains both neck and back pains.
Though, I was not surprise that I had pains all over my body, because whenever you travel on a long journey, neck and back pains are some of the pains you are likely to suffer. The big question every traveller is asking is how do I overcome pains during a long travel?
If you are planning to go on a long journey I would advise you read these simply tips listed below.

Get The Right Seat.
Getting the right seat depends on your mode of transportation (Land, Air or Rail). For instance, in the case of air transportation, to enjoy the most comfort there are things you need to do. First you need to pick the right seat, secondly you need extra leg room, extra pillow, Back braces etc. getting this extra comfort will cost you extra token. I think Virgin Atlantic Airlines charges $65 for extra leg room (Though depending on the time. The earlier the better).

If you are travelling with a car you still need to pick the right seat because all the seats are not the same, some are more comfortable. Do not stretch your neck too much. Seat very well. Make sure there is nothing at your back pocket like phones, wallet and any other things. It is advisable you should empty your back pockets. When you are on the right seat, you have automatically reduces your chances of getting neck and back pains.

Walk Around.
Seating at a particular spot for long period of time hassles your spines. Spine are meant to move. Sitting at one particular spot in the car or airplane will make your spine stiff and this can cause achiness. So, to avoid stiffness, walk around the plane. If you are travelling with a car, you may decide to stop after some time to stretch your body. This will arouse blood circulation in your body.
Mind Your Posture or Position.
The way you seat matter because it will go a long way to determine how comfortable and uncomfortable you will be when travelling. If you are traveling with airplane for instance, and you are not in either first class or business class there is a little problem because the economy class at times (depending on airlines) can be tight and that would make you uncomfortable. Consider these options below.
• Make your knees a bit higher than your hips.
• Make your back parallel to the back of the seat.
• Position you’re your legs at the right angle in the airplane.
• Ask for exist row or bulkhead seat if you have long leg (Contact your airline or travel agent for help on how to get the exit row or bulkhead seat).

Take Your Mind Off.
I believe the more you try to focus your mind on a particular thing the more likely it will occur. As a passenger or a driver try and forget about back and pains. You can focus your mind on another thing like playing music or watching new movies, reading books, playing games etc. Before you travel try to plan it will help.
Contact Your doctor.
If it’s time for all kinds of travel, your doctor should be your best Companion. Ask your doctor for advice. Let your doctor do some run some medical check on you to ascertain your level of fitness before travelling. If he declares you fit to travel then you can. Let you doctor prescribe drugs for you especially pain killers for both neck and back pains. Take your medications in accordance with your doctor’sadvice and prescriptions. Put your drugs in your carry on where you can easily access them whenever the need arises.

Make The Necessary Changes.
If you are travelling by road, there is a possibility of you getting back and neck pains dueto the bad road network. In some places you cannot drive for more than 30 minutes without bumps and that can affect your spine. You can reduce your chances of stressing you spine by working on your vehicle. Replace the old or worn shocks and tires.
You Need Ice Cold Pack and Heat.
An ice cold pack and heat therapy are very essential whenever you are going on a long trip. First the heat therapy will expanse or stretch all the tissues in your spine and reduces your chances of getting back and neck pains. While the ice cold on the other hand can be used to press down swelling.
Note: Do not apply either ice or heat directly to your skin. Use a protective to avoid burn.

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